Reverse Discrimination

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-01-09 AJ


Just a quick Happy New Year for 2,018!  I didn’t think I’d make it this far but thanks to the Lords here I am!
January 29th would’ve been Speaker Gerald Polley’s 71st birthday.  I still thank him and The Lords for everything I have today.  I hope he has a great day in The Afterlife!
A bunch of the usual is going on.
I and most of Those in The Afterlife are shocked with the amount of people in The United States that believe in the so called evidence that Russia interfered in the last Presidential election, and other things they claim President Trump did and there’s
proof etc., that so many Democrats at least, believe as the truth.   I for one, refuse to believe anything in the news unless a reputable actual news source has reported it and it has been proven to be them that said it.
The government shutdown was scary!  I hope they get stuff done so it doesn’t happen again next month!
Most of the rest of the things happening is the same old same old.  However I wanted to make sure I told about two important things. The first one is in the entertainment news.  February 4th after The Super Bowl, if you love animals, you might want to tune in to the Nat Geo Wild channel.  There’s going to be a special on there from Wild Earth and Safari Live which lasts from the 4th to the 8th. 10 pm est.  It’s usually three hours each time and it’s a live interactive game drive in South Africa and Kenya.  You’ll be able to ask questions on Twitter and if you’re lucky they’ll be answered on the show.  Or you can go to their You Tube chat room and watch the show free there complete with delightful behind the scenes activities during the ad breaks.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a question answered by my favorite guide, James Hendry!  Anyway I know I’ll be watching, unless there’s a horrible disaster of some kind.  Hope you’ll check it out and also their daily game drives, twice a day every day three hours each, on their You Tube SafariLIVE channel! or on Periscope.    Here’s the link to their You Tube page.

Congratulations to The New England Patriots who made it to The Super
Bowl this year!

Doing fairly well on the home front.  The only really bad thing is I have been a victim of reverse discrimination by a dear friend.  She did not know a Spiritist’s stand on gay
issues, and I didn’t know til after I’d told her daughter them,  that she’s gay, and when she learned of my ‘non acceptance’  from her daughter she refused to take me to church any more right after I became a member. My husband and I were members back in the 80s. Most of you know me.  I try to be friends with everybody.  As long as they don’t try to make me like them no problem.  It’s up to the individual what they do I can’t change them.  And in no way did I plan on getting up and speaking out against anyone.
Anyway I’m heartbroken about it but in no way will I change my religious beliefs because someone doesn’t like them.  I’m still friends with this woman’s daughter who got me to go back to the church. And I still consider her mom a friend despite what she did. It seems to be all a miscommunication somehow.  I just figured we were friends whatever.  At the time I went back I was told it doesn’t matter what you believe.  Unfortunately to some members there it does.  I’m beginning to think like Gerald used to say “There’s no such thing as free speech any more.”  Anyway I have been unable to find another ride to
church. So, until I do I’m done.  Now I know from this hard lesson, there is such a thing as reverse discrimination. Every time I feel right at home something like this happens!
Still working on The Book illustrations though slowly because I have no idea how I’m going to pay for the copyright fees now.  Oh well I suppose it’ll all work out.  I
want to get the next two out because they’re some of the most important
ones in the series.
After all my trouble I ended up going back to the local cable company Spectrum.  I didn’t realize I’d miss the convenience so much!  Anyway it’s worth the extra
Last but not least I’m officially 4’9″ tall now!   Doing good health wise and my hamster
JamesHendry is good too!  Talk to you again soon, hopefully with happier news.
Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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