Happy Birthday John!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

09-10-03 AJ

    Back at last!   First with a personal update.  My cataract surgery went very well on Monday!  I felt silly afterwards for being so nervous about it.  Like people here who have had it done also told me, piece of cake!  The hardest part of it all was going without food and water for a while.  I had planned to get a lot done afterwards, however all I did was sleep.  Good thing too. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was.  It caught up with me since May 1st. 
    I felt bad I didn’t get the next Book in The History done for John Lennon’s birthday October 9th.  I know he understands and wants me to do it right.  I did see him and my husband Gerald in the hospital before the surgery just for a second.  And for his birthday I went out to lunch at the local diner, one of Gerald’s favorite places, and had a yummy home made chicken stew with a biscuit, cranberry sauce and cole slaw.  Then I picked up a few things at the grocery store.   To finish the day I went to my usual bingo game in the community room.  I sure John had a good day. 
    I’m recovering nicely from the surgery.  I will have to go back Monday after using eye drops for a week and wearing an eye shield every night.  I imagine I’ll find out when they’ll do my right eye then.
   Now to what’s happening in the world.  Of course the biggest news is the sentencing of the Penn State former assistant football coach for child abuse.  I refuse to use his name here.  He gets up to 60 years in prison!  They say he’s 68 years old now.   I pray he finds no way out of it.  In my opinion they should’ve given him the death penalty for all the suffering he’s caused.  Like our friend Elgard would say what a waste of oxygen!   
    Speaking of more wastes of oxygen, what about the shocking news about The Taliban deliberately wounding two young girls on a school bus, because one of them, Malala Yousufzai, is a 14 year old Pakistani activist.  She has exposed the Taliban’s atrocities, and promotes girls’ education in the face of religious extremism. She is one of God’s favorite daughters.  She began writing her blog when she was 11 years old, under the name Gul Makai, for the BBC, telling people what life under the Taliban is like.  Then in 2,009 she spoke out publicly promoting girls’ education. The Taliban hates especially this, and were quick to claim responsibility for her shooting.    It has provoked outrage across the country.  Prayers to her and the other young lady.  May justice be done on her behalf.
    Ha ha ha!  Obama has made Sesame Street mad at him.  He used Big Bird in one of his ads as a  shady criminal mastermind behind many financial scandals because of Romney’s statements he’s going to cut funding to PBS.  The Sesame Workshop has objected to the ad stating it is nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that does not participate in political campaigns. They don’t endorse political candidates.  They’ve asked Obama to stop using the ad.  Now also several others have asked that the ad be stopped, like NBC, MSNBC and CBS.  Obama’s spokesperson says they have received the complaints and are reviewing their concerns.  Wouldn’t it be something if this is just what God needed to stop Obama?  Unfortunately Romney would win, but there would be something just so priceless about the sweet and innocent Big Bird character kicking Obama’s butt, so to speak.
    This election day Maine will be voting on rather to legalize gay marriage or not.  Last time God was very pleased with the outcome.  Residents stood with him and said a resounding “NO!”  Let us pray the voting goes the same way this time.  But like they stay in Star Wars “I have a bad feeling about this!”  The way things are going in this country concerning gay marriage, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people voted the other way, for the sickness.  I hope they prove me wrong.
     I hope this is not becoming a trend with singers.  I heard about Justin Bieber throwing up on stage during a concert a while back, now someone has said Lady GaGa did the same.  What the hell?  I don’t think fans will be very pleased.  Though like a friend mentioned with Beiber it’s difficult when you go to different places on tour, different time zones and such your body really gets messed up.  However he said he still wanted to be there for his fans.  You gotta admit, the guy has courage.  I’m sure his fans understand and are sticking with him.
    Things out there in Manhattan are pretty bad when a co op takes away a 93 year old woman’s parking space she’s used for 31 years!  Her son who is a retired policeman, is trying to get it back.  His mom, who has 17 grandchildren, was paying about $120 to park her car there.  She is on a limited income.  Now she’s being forced to pay $550 a month for where she has to park!  Literally highway robbery!  I hope she gets her place back and at the same price too.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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