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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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07-10-03 AJ

   Hello again with my latest report on the news.  First on a personal note, I’m kind of relaxing this weekend to get ready for Monday’s cataract surgery.  I’m still of course working on the next Book in The History Of Spiritism to copyright and put up.  My goal is to get this done by the 9th for John Lennon’s 72nd birthday.  I’m sure my late husband Gerald will be pleased with this too.  It was one of the things he wanted the most, to get the rest of The Book on our web site.  I’m just doing one final check and glad of it. There’s a couple of small things I missed that had to be fixed.  Also good news, the nurse told me on the phone Friday I’ll be able to drink sips of water until two hours before the surgery.  
   I forgot to report the other day I saw Gerald for the first time since he died Friday at the optometrist’s office in the waiting room!  He was sitting beside me after my exam.  Also as a bonus John Lennon & George Harrison were sitting in the chairs across the room.  They didn’t stick around long, but it was fantastic to see them.  I think they were trying to cheer me up.  They were looking as bored as I was waiting.  I was quite upset when I found out I’d still need reading glasses and that was the one thing I wanted to get rid of.  I’m just glad I’ll be able to see, and, better.   Now, what’s in the news?
    Speaking of John & George it doesn’t seem possible it’s the 50th anniversary of the release of their first hit single “Love Me Do”!    Yes, we still love you!
    So sad to see that Yoko Ono has another mark against her in Heaven.  She has given Lady Ga Ga the LennonOno Grant For Peace,  praising her for her work for gay, lesbian and transgendered people, and her album “Born This Way”.  One good thing, however, she’s also given this grant to the female Russian punk band Pussy Riot.  The husband of one of the band members and her young daughter have accepted this award for them since his wife is in jail for hooliganism, performing a song in a church during a service in protest of the government.
    Another win for Pope John Paul II!  The current Pope’s former butler has been convicted of leaking private Vatican documents to a reporter.  He will serve eighteen months in jail.  He didn’t think The Pope was aware of everything that was going on.  You know what they say about good intentions. 
    What a battle in Texas!  The cheerleaders at a few high school football games had banners at them with Bible verses on them to encourage their team.  Last month it was ruled this was not allowed because of the separation of church and state.  Everyone there is saying they’re wrong because the cheerleaders made these banners themselves, without instructions to do so from the school.  They’re saying it’s their right of free speech.  Tough decision where they are representing their school, but I think I might agree with the people.
    Shocking that someone actually had a Halloween mask of the Colorado theater shooter’s face for sale on Ebay!  Someone actually bought it!  Fortunately it’s been taken off the site.  We in no way need to promote this creature of Darkness!
    Speaking of creatures of Darkness, a radical preacher and other terrorism suspects have arrived in Connecticut  for their trials, extradited from Britain.  Britain refused to try them because they claim there’s lack of evidence against him.  He is accused of over 269 counts of murder.  They were to appear in court Saturday.  Why is it we end up with these jerks anyway?
    If I haven’t mentioned it before I will now.  It makes me so mad Obama’s boasting about the lower unemployment rate, and claiming it’s because of stuff he’s done to improve the economy, when all the improvement in that department is through Speaker John Boehner and the House Republicans.  Way to go Speaker Boehner!  Don’t let the ultimate creature of Darkness steal your credit.
   Romney and Obama have been giving publicity to a couple of Sesame Street characters, as Romney announced he’ll cut off funding to PBS if he’s elected president. He says he loves Big Bird and all the other characters on the show.  However he’d still cut the funding.   Someone commented that he wants to fire Big Bird.  There have apparently been some Twitter accounts created on behalf of Big Bird.  Obama says Elmo will have to watch out, too.  An eight year old girl in Alabama wrote an angry letter to Romney which read “Find something else to cut off!” Out of the mouths of babes!
   Well, we’ve lost another one.  “Good Morning America’s” weather anchor has “come out” and announced he will marry his long time boyfriend on New Year’s Eve in Miami.  I just shake my head.  There’s too much of this going on and no sign of it slowing down.  However the fight against it will definitely continue.
    So funny!  It’s on! The Tanning Mom has challenged Octomom to a boxing match for charity. Hey it just might work! I hope they do it.  I’m for Octomom.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog “The Spiritual Connection” for my recent messages.

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