Happy Holidays!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

21-12-07 AJ


    Well, it’s the magical month of December once again.   It’s now official!  The Electoral College has voted and God got His wish!  They listened to Him and Donald J. Trump is now President Elect Of The United States! WOO HOO!   The only thing God is disappointed with is that Rudy Giuliani taking himself out of the running as a possible member of the Trump Transition Team because of too much drama.  
    The big scary news is that there is proof the Russian government hacked the election to get Trump elected.  Last I heard Putin was directly involved.  Yes it is very scary to think that Russia of all places can do something like this in America, a friend says it’s as if Putin put an army here and was trying to take over.  I find this disturbing but I’m not worried.  It is being dealt with by the government and the powers that be.  I think the funny thing is that months ago when the hacking stuff started Obama told Putin to “cut it out!” like a little kid would say.  Everyone in The Afterlife will be so happy next month when Obama is gone forever from The White House except for maybe a portrait in some out of the way spot in there.
    In entertainment news we can’t forget to mention we lost another one of the greats, Zsa Zsa Gabor, who went to The Afterlife last Sunday.  Hope she made it there ok and is reunited with many loved ones.  She contributed to many happy hours with her films and tv appearances.  It’s no wonder she is considered one of entertainment’s royalty.  Rest well, bold and talented lady! Prayers to her dear husband.  
    One final note, it’s a miracle I’m here! This election took too much out of me but I’m glad it did considering the outcome.  On Thanksgiving Day I was actually a patient in the local hospital with a second case of pneumonia along with a sinus infection!  It was the more serious version of pneumonia this time.  I went in by ambulance 2:30 am because I had trouble breathing. I couldn’t even eat the Thanksgiving lunch because my throat wasn’t working right.  Anyway after two days of x rays, a cat scan and tons of i.v.s I was home again without even any antibiotics.  It took me a week to get my strength back but now I’m back to my old self.  I was really worried I wouldn’t come back from that one, though I did have faith I would, as I was really weak and only wanted to sleep.  That’s ok the meds did their jobs.  Praise The Lords and God The Father for Their help.  On that note here’s the link to my holiday card for this year which features me and Pippi Mousestocking.  Thanks to York Photos at http://www.yorkphoto.com  Love their products!   This card is proof of the good things they do.


    Have wonderful Holidays everyone, and I’ll see you here next year!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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