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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

23-01-08 AJ


    So sorry I’m late but Happy New Year!  WOO HOO!  I’m still here!  I wanted to wait until after Inauguration Day to post here to be able to talk about the good news going on. So thrilled it went well.  Now we’ll get the good vibrations flowing through The White House once again. A new Era Of Light has begun!  Like I was telling our old friend Elgard a while ago, things were so bad in the world because the negative forces, demons, have taken over everything.  Now there’s promise things may change for the better, the sore loser Democrats, Hillary supporters, are stepping up and taking up the evil slack, still trying to keep anything good that would come our way through God’s President out.  How disgusting anti Trump voters are even unjustly attacking his 10 year old son Barron!  Let’s hope there’s a real change for the better against this going on soon.  A major something good has got to happen!
    So sorry to hear that President George HW Bush is in the hospital with pneumonia and his wife Barbara has been admitted with bronchitis.  I’ve had both and they’re definitely no fun, especially for seniors.  They got to watch the Inauguration on tv though.  I am concerned for their souls since the shocking turn of events when they supported Obama during his elections.  It’s scary how so many of the mighty of God have fallen to (for lack of a better term) the dark side. 
     Authorities are still investigating the Russian computer hacking during the election.  I’ve also heard that Putin has admitted this actually happened and he was the one who ordered it.  I am so confused! Somehow I don’t think I’m the only one.
    I guess there’s not too much else going on.  Going to take a while for everything to settle back into the routine of things after all the political stuff finally calms down.  I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will with the women’s marches and all.  Of course it’s all free speech but just adding more negativity to the world. 
    So horrible all the bad weather lately!  The tornado in Albany, Georgia was especially devastating with many dead in or near a trailer park.  Prayers to all.  It’s still hard to believe Gerald and I lived in Fargo, North Dakota for four years in a trailer park and no tornado came!  I did see one at a distance when living in Bismarck. Fortunately it didn’t head that way.  Blessings to my storm chaser friends Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall, the Storm Wranglers, for going there to try to help the victims.   In yet another place they helped pull an ambulance out of a ditch after a tornado and took some of the injured who had been trapped by a fallen wall, to the nearby hospital after seeing their cell phone lights flashing.  God and The Lords Of Light salute The Weather Channel and these real heroes! 
    On the home front I had a scare a week ago.  I had symptoms just like I did when I went to the hospital and learned I had pneumonia.  I called 911 then found out it was just dehydration, (I don’t know why) allergies and/or sinus problem.  Apparently my pneumonia shot worked!  Finally got my taste and smell back.  The Work on The Book is still going strong.  Like my mantra says “I’m awesome! I get stuff done!”  And I’ll keep going as long as I can.  May we all have the best year we can! 
    By the way kindly take note of the info below!  FINALLY removed is the suggestion about the Buyers’ Strike!  The evil is gone, the Light prevails!   Amen!

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