An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-02-08 AJ


    Just want to check in for February (just barely, eh?) to let everyone know I’m still alive and ok.   Well more than ok, actually!  Just passing the word that it seems The Afterlife just can’t stop celebrating!  First the biggest victory of all when Donald J Trump won the presidential election, then the Superbowl surprise New England Patriots victory, when the first time ever the game went into overtime, then there was another huge success which I can’t remember right now. It was another football game where the usual underdogs finally won.  Hopefully the successes for our side just keep on coming and we can give those nasty old demons a run for their money!
   Not much else going on to talk about that’s new, just more from the spoiled sore loser Democrats trying to make things miserable for the rest of us.  I don’t think they’ll ever learn whatever they do won’t change who’s in The White House!  The President is just trying to do the things he promised he would do when in office. Give the guy a chance.  He wasn’t even a politician before. He’s still learning the ropes, so to speak.  I’m glad he’s now saying that immigrants who want to become US citizens do not have to leave the country first.  He’s also working on replacing Obamacare with something better. Also his new travel ban may be better.
    In entertainment news, of all things I forgot our old friend Jimmy Kimmel was the host of this year’s Academy Awards program and didn’t watch!  Then I heard all about it anyway from our friends on KROQ, Kevin & Bean, the following Monday and other national news sources where when the Oscar was given for best picture Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope that held the winner’s name to read out.  It actually said that the best actress award went to an actress in the La La Land movie, not the best picture award.  Anyway the people who made the La La Land film gave a couple of speeches then the producers had figured out they had read the wrong title and the Moonlight movie won! It was all straightened out in the end of course, and there were several jokes about it all especially from Jimmy Kimmel!  Anyway kudos to Kimmel for a priceless performance. I have heard the clips.  I wish they would have him host every year!
  Well that’s it for now.  On the home front, cut down on my cable tv channels to save money, and now no longer have The Weather Channel, AMC, SyFy or BBC America!  I am going through debt consolidation because of my credit card spending.  Things are really hard.  I’m still working on The Book and have almost completed the page making!  I have no idea how I’m supposed to copyright it but I’m sure The Lords will provide.  Also after almost a year’s time I have a new case worker and she’s awesome!  Also there’s a lady with the counseling center who just gives rides.  Too much going on, hard to keep track of it all.  No matter what I’ll keep going!  May the rest of the year be better for us all!
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