Triumph And Tragedy

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-03-08 AJ


I have some fantastic news, so I’m starting with the home front instead of the national. I have finished the basic part of The Book, The History Of Spiritism, my life’s Work! I’ve made all the pages for the web site. Now I need to complete the proofreading and illustrations. Now mind you the creatures of Darkness didn’t let me breeze through this like it was a piece of cake. Last week I came down with the stomach flu! I stayed in bed for two days, sleeping, didn’t even eat. Ended up losing three pounds just from not eating. Unfortunately I’ve since gained it back. Anyway, I’m so proud I was able to stick it out and it’s getting done! Excited for the day I can say “It is done!” and it will be all up on the web site.
Not much else to report this time around, just that I am totally in shock! My dear friends storm chasers Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall also known as The Storm Wranglers of The Weather Channel were killed March 28, in a terrible car accident near Spur, Texas while doing what they loved, tracking a tornado. Their car apparently ran a stop sign, which is highly unlike them to do and hit the car of another storm chaser, 25 year old Corbin Jaeger who also died. This is what a traffic officer reported. One of the other chasers arrived at the scene shortly after the accident and reported on social media things didn’t look good. Unfortunately he was so right. They will be missed more than they can ever know. As I’ve mentioned I did not know Kelley & Randy in person but they knew me in their live stream chat room on You Tube and I am so proud that every time they had a chance to read what fans posted and answer they said hi to me by my first name. One of the very last things he ever said to me was that I was always there. You bet I was, whenever I could be. I have a feeling they have had the grandest welcome in The Afterlife for being the heroes that they are, actually having saved lives, being praised by God The Father and The Lords also. I have a feeling they won’t be sitting idle, that every once and a while they’ll be guiding old friends and new chasers. Condolences to their friends and families. Storm Wranglers Forever!
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