Justice For The Children!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

12-04-08 AJ


     First of all wanted to share with everyone the new music video I made featuring a song I channeled from The Afterlife called “God’s Heroes”.  It’s a tribute to all His heroes everywhere, however mostly dedicated to my late Storm Wrangler friends Kelley Williamson & Randy Yarnall who worked for The Weather Channel and passed away in a horrible car accident March 28th.  With how quickly it came through and I picked up on how to play it I have no doubt who wrote it, my dear friend John Lennon.  Here’s the link.  We hope you enjoy it and will pass it around. Be sure to read the description and the lyrics.


    I’m very surprised and pleased with how many views it has so far. I believe it’s the most I’ve ever gotten in a couple days!  Thanks to everyone who watched and commented.  Welcome to the new subscribers too!   
    Just a heads up.  I did not send out my last blog post in the email because I was in shock and overwhelmed by grief because of what happened.  It was about my very important progress on The Book and Kelley & Randy’s accident.  I hope you’ll check it out.  It’s called “Triumph & Tragedy” just one page back.
     Speaking of God’s Heroes He praises President Donald J. Trump for his recent bombing of the chemical plant that made the weapons filled with sarin gas that killed so many children and adults alike in Syria.  Some said the Syrian regime was responsible for the attack, however Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military reported they didn’t use chemical weapons and said the rebels did it.  Russia claims it had no war planes in the area.  Presidents everywhere are denouncing the attack, and President Trump is blaming the Obama administration for not doing something against chemical weapons back in 2,012 when there was another similar attack.  Whatever, this tragedy is done, and we only ask justice for the children.  We pray it will never happen again!  At least President Trump has given some justice for the children by trashing the source of their deaths.
     The news about United Airlines dragging a doctor off a plane because it was overbooked is shocking.  They needed a few seats for the crew. No one volunteered to leave when asked to.  So some of the crew ended up physically fighting with this man.  He fell, hit his head on the seat arm rest and was knocked out.  Then they literally dragged him off the plane!  The man responsible for doing this has been fired.  Now of course thanks to social media there’s a big uproar about this injustice, as there should be.  If I were to fly anywhere I definitely wouldn’t take a United flight.  I say #BoycottUnited.  God The Father and The Lords agree!
    God and The Lords Of Light praise the people of North Carolina for submitting a bill which would make gay marriage illegal in that state despite the Supreme Court’s ruling back in 2015.  There are four Republican lawmakers supporting what is called “Uphold Historical Marriage Act,” or House Bill 780.  Supporters are saying the high court overstepped its constitutional bounds and even God’s instructions in The Bible!  Let’s pray this comes to pass for the sake of children everywhere.
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