Holiday Time Again!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

22-12-12 AJ


    This post is going to be very short but wanted to make sure I got something in for December!      Well,  I was able to scan one of my late husband Gerald’s favorite fiction stories that he wrote called “Sarah’s Song”, and  have put it up on the web site in PDF format you can read for free.  Here’s the link.  Not very good for young readers as it may be hard for them to understand.  Hope you’ll enjoy it and pass it on.  It’s our Spirit friends’ gift to our readers.

     Also here’s the link to the holiday card I had made up for my friends.  It seems to be quite popular.

     Not very much to comment on.  So terrible the tornados lately in Kentucky.  Condolences to families and friends.  The survivors stories on the news are incredible!  Hope nothing  like this happens again any time soon.
    As for politics, I guess it’s a mystery. No one knows why during I guess a couple of incidences President Biden was talking to reporters and called Vice President Harris President Harris! Everybody including me, is wondering what’s going on here?
   So scary yet another variation of the Covid virus is out there now.  I had a Covid test at my doctor’s appointment and fortunately don’t have it.  I had a small cough every once and a while for a few days so they were concerned about me.  Now I have to figure some way to get the booster and pneumonia shots again!
    Well that’s about it.  Stay safe and have wonderful, peaceful holidays!  I think I will be just staying home doing the usual stuff.  No invites this year.  Oh well I have plenty to do and lots of food in the freezer!  I am definitely counting my blessings and give thanks for them every day.  Anyway please get vaccinated!  See you here next year!
       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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