Thanksgiving Blessings

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

24-11-11 AJ


       Just a quick blog entry here for November.   First of all hope everyone who celebrates it has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I have been invited to a friend’s apartment for dinner.  I’m bringing an apple pie.  Ought to be great!
      This month has been crazier than usual out there!  The Democrats have passed the Build Back Better Bill, now the Senate is considering it.  Sounds good, hope it works out.  However it appears my worst fears are realized concerning the national budget.  They are still over spending.  And don’t forget,  that possible government shutdown is still looming somewhere during the first week of December!  I pray it doesn’t happen.  I can’t imagine if it happened during the holiday shopping season!  I mean President Biden means well, but it appears all he can think about is spending the government’s money.  I am discouraged with all this.  I suppose I should say he’s not my President.
     Speaking of politics, did anybody else see on the news they’ve actually stated that Covid actually originated in China?  Also, why didn’t anyone else pick up on this, but the news has also announced that the governments of Russia and China did via the internet or whatever you call it now, interfere with the last Presidential Election!  President Trump was right all along!  On those two accounts, actually!
     Lastly on politics I apologize, a while back I was wrong concerning President Trump’s new campaign slogan.   It’s actually “Save America”.  For some reason I expect I’ll be channeling a new song about this in the near future.
    So glad to hear justice was done concerning a couple of issues. In Wisconsin Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder.  All along I believed he was acting in self defense.  He’s now free and even meeting with President Trump!  Secondly in Atlanta three men were convicted and charged with various types of murder for shooting and killing an innocent black man in the street, assuming he’d committed a robbery in that neighborhood, saying they were trying to make a citizen’s arrest.  So happy his mother and family now have justice!
     Apologies again.  Last month I mentioned that this month I’d have one of Gerald’s fiction stories on the web site for the holidays.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to go through them. I promise I’ll get one scanned and up for you guys for Christmas, just like the old days.
     Here on the home front I almost had to buy a new desk top computer!  My monitor kept freezing up and turning all kinds of different colored stripes.  I had to do the hard shut down thing then turn it back on.  This happened several times during my Wild Earth show.  Finally I gave up and downloaded the Malwarebytes program,  I did a scan with it and sure enough it wasn’t the computer acting up itself, just a stupid I don’t know if you’d call it a virus or what, but it’s gone now!  I’m glad my Norton’s antivirus let me install it this time there was a problem. However I was shocked Norton’s didn’t find the problem!   I think I’m going to keep Malwarebytes.  It’s well worth the price!
   Well I guess that’s about it for now!  Only one footnote. My nurse lied to me I don’t know why.  I’m not 4’3″ I’m 4’10”!  My care giver measured me! I got a new upright walker that’s just right for me and it’s perfect! 
     Anyway have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe! See you here next month like Gerald used to say Lords willing and the creek don’t rise!
       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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