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20-08-08 AJ


   Well a bunch of stuff going on once again I need to comment about.  The first thing being one of God’s heroes has joined Him in Heaven.  Comedian Jerry Lewis died Sunday, August 20th in his home in Las Vegas at the age of 91.  Even though he was out of the public eye for quite a while due to illness, he will be sorely missed by all his fans.  I fondly remember the years I watched him while growing up on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.  He was one of my heroes too, and one awesome comedian!  Thanks for helping my childhood be a little bit better Jerry, and the childhoods of the many you helped with the funds you got raised and those you donated to the children yourself.  I’m sure now you’re being greeted by all you have helped in years passed that are now in The Afterlife also, and honored by everyone There who love you. The world needs more angels on Earth like you.  Bless you forever for what you have done!   Here’s the link to an animated music video Gerald & I made years ago featuring a song by the spirit of John Lennon, that is sung by God The Father, Himself through my late husband accompanied by myself.  It almost brought tears to my eyes even now it’s so touching.  I hope you’ll enjoy it and pass it on.

    Now, on to politics.  I am so absolutely disgusted with the people out there saying President Trump is a racist and a Nazi, whatever other stupidity because he didn’t immediately condemn the white supremacists after their horrible attack on anti racist and anti facists protest in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday, August 12th. It was yet another incident when some young idiot drove a car into the crowds of protestors, injuring 19 and killing one 32 year old woman.  The protestors were trying to stop a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee from being taken down. 
    It’s so horrible these demons who conduct these attacks are in the world, demons who have taken on the human forms of these individuals who are pure evil and they somehow let their guards down so their souls are replaced by the demons, rather they almost die or from drug use etc.  Usually these people if you could call them that, cease to exist after committing these atrocious acts. I’m surprised the Virginia attacker is still alive.
    Now beautiful statues are being ruined by those who want them taken down.   It’s kind of a shame since they are part of our history.  We need to remember our mistakes so they are not made again!
    Even one of my dearest on line friends is very shaken up by the fake news reports considering President Trump and that he is “like Hitler” and is trying to do terrible things, that he is using his tactics etc..  Like I told her, those things are NOT true!  If he was like that God would have known it and not supported his campaign.  He wanted President Trump to become President because he had the money and influence to do great this country, unlike anyone else who wanted to run for the office could.  I have been told to my face that they think my web site has been hacked, that I have been hacked because I support the President 100%.  I just don’t know how to respond to this other than to say no.  I am so tired of this crap! And if you didn’t notice, most of it is caused by The Democrats. They’ll do almost anything to cause trouble in the worst ways.  I have never seen anything like it and never hope to again.
   On the home front I am much better, now over the acute bronchitis. Work on The Book illustrations continues. And this week I surprised myself by once again attending the Unitarian church Gerald & I used to attend back in the 80s, with one of my neighbors!  It was wonderful.  I should be ok there at least until they perhaps read my blog.    Still training my hamster James Hendry who loves his new cage with the lookout he’s using for a nest.  That’s about it for this time!  Hopefully next time some more pleasant topics!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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