The Rain & The Wind Again

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-09-08 AJ


     Here it is again another month almost gone by and I haven’t posted in my blog. SO I figured I’d better get something together now.
    The main issue out there right now is the so called “super” hurricanes.  A few people have been wondering on social media if God had anything to do with them, as He has with hurricanes passed, trying to get one to Washington DC while Obama was in office, etc.  Trouble is, I’m not sure.  Personally I believe that He is so fed up with the stuff the Democrats have been doing because President Trump was elected these horrible storms have gotten a little push from Him.  Perhaps they are a natural phenomenon enhanced by global warming or some such, but for some reason I choose to go with my gut feelings on the matter.  Actually when I think of this matter I hear Gerald saying “It didn’t take much of a push!”  I think they were directed by a little bit of both. 
    You remember some time ago my late husband Gerald and I put together an animated music video called “Don’t Make Heaven Mad!” which showed what might happen if believers went against what was right by God, though it was about another issue altogether.  Here’s the link to that.

    Also there’s the song I channeled by the spirit of John Lennon in 2,005 after Hurricane Katrina explaining how that happened. Here’s the link to the page featuring the lyrics and the mp3.

    Now on to other things!  Praise to one of God’s heroes our old friend Jimmy Kimmel, for standing up against one of the latest health care bill proposed reforms by the Republicans.  This is because it would cut out a lot of things that would help pay for kids who needed special health care and surgeries like his baby son who has needed several heart surgeries and will need more.  Though Jimmy is a Democrat or at least on their side most of the time, he is absolutely, positively right! These things shouldn’t be eliminated from the new health care bill!  Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this but God The Father and many others in the Afterlife are praising Maine Senator Susan Collins for, though she’s a Republican, standing firm against the new bill, to help seniors and sick people from losing their health care, or “pay a lot higher insurance premiums.” This is according to The New Yorker. Anyway blessings to them and their families.  Healing prayers to Jimmy Kimmel’s baby that he gets the surgeries he needs without higher costs.  
    Hope Hugh Hefner made it to the Afterlife ok. It’s going to be strange without him here. It seemed like he’d always be around.
    Also it’s been seven months today since my friends The Weather Channel’s Storm Wranglers Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall died in a horrible car crash in Texas, that wasn’t directly caused by a tornado.  Prayers to them, their friends and families. They’ll always be in my heart.  It’s so sad that apparently for legal reasons with their families The Weather Channel can’t play their shows any more and they seem to have been cut out of other programs they were in. I pray things work out for the best and what they took the time to teach their fans with these videos won’t be lost forever.  May both sides be blessed with understanding. We love you all!
   FOOTNOTE:  President Trump promised during his campaign to leave Medicare and Social Security alone.  What happened to that whole deal?
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