An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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12-09-04 AJ

    Back with more news from the world. First on the home front I had a wonderful 14th anniversary of “Listen To The Angels” on the 9th.  I took myself out to lunch, had sirloin tips and the legendary chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake the latter of which I brought home and had with coffee.  Before this I sent my Roku box which I can’t use now to an old online friend for her birthday this week, because it’s the gift she wanted the most.  Anxiously awaiting the word on if it got there ok and how she likes it.  I’m getting an HDMI splitter and will be using my laptop on my tv as a replacement. It’ll be good to have another use for it besides just the music videos.  I seem to be doing a lot of good deeds lately. Glad I can and yes it makes me very happy to make others happy in this way.  If you can’t use something recycle! Pass it on to someone who can.
    I’m looking at the national news stories and go what the hell? once again!  Am I in the right dimension?  Hillary Clinton has shared a stage with former Florida republican governor and one of God’s favorite people, Jeb Bush, who is  now the chairman of the National Constitution Center, honored Hillary Tuesday with their Liberty Medal, honoring her lifelong career in public service.  My opinion is the same as the one of Those in The Afterlife. This is a disgrace for their organization.  She doesn’t deserve it.  She stated that “Jeb and I are not just renewing an American tradition of bipartisanship.  We’re keeping up a family tradition as well.”  I shake my head and wonder how and why.  I pray this won’t make it difficult for Jeb Bush when he gets to The Afterlife.
    It’s scary that the day before the anniversary of 9/11 Obama announces that we’ll be bombing Syria with drones and such, supposedly no soldiers will go there.  Here’s the link to an article and a beautiful animated photo tribute to the new One World Trade Center which has been animated to show the change in the New York skyline from 2001 until now. Wonderful job! Very touching.


    I’m very, very concerned!  Next week to quote The Huffington Post “Next week the House will vote on legislation to cut SNAP by roughly 5 percent. The bill is bypassing the House Agriculture Committee, which oversees food stamps, because it is a priority of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).”  I pray they don’t vote to do this. I myself am on food stamps, being low income, on widow’s benefits.  They really, really help. I don’t know how I’d manage if I didn’t have them.  So those who do need all they’re allowed to have.  I know some people who only get $16 a month food stamps and don’t know how they manage even with the food pantry.  I hope one of God’s favorite sons, Speaker Boehner, can talk the rest of the House members out of cutting SNAP.  If they’re really and truly for the people this cut won’t go through. Hey true we need more jobs but we need to eat to be able to do these jobs. Think about it.
   Hopefully we won’t have to worry about Anthony Weiner any more. He’s finally conceded defeat in the New York City mayoral campaign.  He apparently gave a concession speech and before driving off from the election party gave a reporter the finger.  Yes there’s pictures. Somehow though I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him and his revealing escapades on Twitter.
    The entertainment demons are running rampant! I as many people are, am totally disgusted with Miley Cyrus after her VMA act. I didn’t like her before as God declared her a demon since she supported Perez Hilton’s actions against Carrie Prejean, in 2,009 who was the Miss California contestant in the Miss USA Pageant because Carrie said she didn’t believe in gay marriage during the question part of the show.  This got her disqualified.  Now Miley’s got new videos out. It’s nothing but soft core porn in my opinion.  I would normally not promote her stuff but this is so ridiculous it has to be seen to be believed. Here’s the link to her video on You Tube.  The song’s not really that bad.  It’s a shame she has to ruin it with this performance. I guess all we can say is what do we expect?


    Also on the demon topic, Lady Ga Ga is going to court because a former roommate who was serving as her personal assistant for over a year is claiming she cheated her out of overtime wages.  I hope the former roommate wins, gets what she’s due and then some!

FOOTNOTE: In my last message I made a small error.  I mentioned that Catwoman is a lesbian in the comic books.  Our old friend Elgard corrected me.  It’s Batwoman who unfortunately is the lesbian.  Thanks for the heads up.  I have corrected that in my blog and noted it on Facebook and Twitter. Now I have sent this out setting the record straight.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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