Michael’s Big Plans

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

16-09-04 AJ

    Back after a mixed up weekend with more on the national news.  Looks like things are not going to go well for Afghanistan.  I got the last message I sent them back with this message.

    “Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 Originating IP addresses matched spamcops’s IP Block List provider service. [RCPT_TO]”

   They are being removed from my mailing list and you know what happens with that.
    I am very skeptical that the Russians and Syria for that matter will keep any agreement they make with Obama.  Syrian Rebels are already slamming it.  Kerry is letting Syria know the threat of force if they don’t comply with the agreement is real. I pray they’ll listen. That video of Kerry and Putin made my skin crawl!  Let’s just keep our heads up concerning the chemical weapons deals.
   A friend asked me why I didn’t mention more about 9/11 in my last message.   I apologize for this.  There was just so much going on I was only able to fit in one comment.  I hope to remedy this next year.
   So sorry to hear about the Colorado floods! And the New Jersey boardwalk fire!  Hmmm.  Both of these areas are not favored by God.  One, because of their support of homosexuality and gay marriage, and two their approval on the medical marijuana issue.  Looks like He’s still using His most powerful weapons to try to knock some sense into His people.  As usual no one is putting two and two together and paying attention to Him.  The insanity continues. Same stuff different day.  I can’t mention this without once again giving the link to the song by John Lennon in The Afterlife I channeled back in 2,005 after hurricane Katrina.  Hope you’ll check it out and pass it on.


    Our old friend Elgard made me aware of this. On October 15th Hillary Clinton will be honored by The Elton John AIDS Foundation for her support of gay rights.  She will receive the first Founder’s award. This is because of a speech she made back in 2,011 in which she stated ” gay rights were human rights for helping envision a world without AIDS.”  The annual event will be held in New York and hosted by Anderson Cooper, CNN’s gay reporter. Apparently good old Bill got the same award back in 2,009.  I say big whoop!  Hillary doesn’t deserve any award.  Neither does her husband.  They almost literally destroyed the world while in The White House.  Bill Clinton should have been removed from office as a result of his impeachment. He was instead basically hailed as some kind of hero after lying to everyone.  This is still the case.  What in the world is wrong with our country? And whatever it is is getting worse with Obama.  Most of his supporters think he can do no wrong.  Wake up, people!   Epic fail! 
    Our dear friend Michael Jackson’s diary has been read.  His biggest plan was to become “the first multi-billionaire entertainer-actor-director.”  He wanted to be like his entertainment heroes, Fred Astaire,  Gene Kelly, Charlie Chaplin among others.  In other words he wanted to be immortalized on film.  Family members are requesting these writings as evidence in his manslaughter case to prove that Michael still had plans to make money.  Of course we all wish these plans had come to pass.
    As usual the entertainment demons are still running rampant.  Miley Cyrus may have unfriended her fiancĂ©e on Twitter, and it’s said she may be breaking up with him, also Lady Ga Ga posted a picture of herself the other day on Instagram wearing a paper face mask.  I’m surprised it’s not made out of toilet paper! LOL! Sorry couldn’t resist! 
    I’ll end with a personal note. Finally got my old cable tv box packed up on Friday and called the Fed Ex office to schedule a pick up to send it back to the Bangor, Maine Time Warner Cable office.  I got the automated phone system.  It asked me to spell my first name.  After  three attempts and it not being recorded properly I raised my voice and spelled it.  The phone system asked if it was right.  It wasn’t.  I yelled “NO!” in case I wasn’t getting through very well.  The automated phone system hung up on me! I called back and got an actual person who got all my info in no time. After this I immediately tweeted Jimmy Kimmel asking him if this was a Friday The 13th prank of his.  I don’t think he got my tweet because I’m not on his friends list shockingly enough, hopefully someone who is passed it on to him.  I miss going to Hollywood for his show.  I wish I could get back there some day. I guess three times with us was too much for them.  When I walked to the store Saturday I saw a tan stretch limo going towards my neighborhood.  It brought back many good memories and I wished it had been sent for me.
    Because I forgot to mention it in my last message Thank you firefighters!  Last weekend their 50th Annual Maine State Federation Of Firefighters Convention was held here in town with a bunch of festivities.  There were TONS of people here from everywhere for it!  Even the UPS store was closed!  Sorry I missed it but it was too crowded downtown for me and I didn’t know where everything was being held besides. Hope they had a wonderful time in Ellsworth!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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