A House Of Cards

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

20-09-04 AJ

    Another day here with more national news comments.  First on the home front I received this back after sending out my “Michael’s Big Plans” message the other day from someone I’ve never had a problem with before.

“Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.


Remote host said: 554 Email rejected due to security policies”

    Well I will put this on the Remove List under the Spam category.  I haven’t had such problems with our emails since 9/11.  I just don’t understand it. What’s going on out there?
   Go Speaker Boehner, go!   Looks like one of God’s favorite sons is really gettin’ down to business and laying it on the line concerning Obamacare!  He’s saying The House is going to do everything they can to defund Obamacare.  They plan to pass the continuing resolution which will lock the sequester savings in and thusly defund Obama’s fiasco.   I pray they can do it. The Democrats are saying this plan is bad because they’re asking opinions of members of The Tea Party their opinions on the matter.  Whatever the case,  I’m sure all of God’s Forces will be helping them do so.  Though some things in Obama’s health care plan sound good it’s just not right to make people pay for their own health insurance.  Too many out there can’t afford it.  Some can’t even afford groceries, how would they be able to do that?
    The Pope is showing his true colors apparently.  He’s telling The Church they’re focusing too much on homosexuality, abortion and contraception.  He says “the people of God want pastors, not clergy acting like  “bureaucrats or government officials.”  He also says The Church is supposed to be “a home for all.”   I love his line saying it’s “losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel,” and if they don’t straighten things out The Church will fall “like a house of cards.”  I’ll bet there’s going to be a few jokes told about these comments.  So disappointing to know The Pope is no longer standing with God, however as I’ve said many times, what do I expect when you’re out of favor with Him?  The “house of cards” scenario is unfortunately what God is looking forward to.
    Continuing along these lines I see singer Selena Gomez was forced to cancel two concerts in Russia recently because they were afraid she would be publically supporting the LGBT cause.  Her visa was denied.  There was a petition on Change.org requesting Gomez speak out for the support of LGBT during her performance.  It received over 1,000 signatures before people learned about the situation with her visa.  Cher and Lady Ga Ga have turned down appearances in Russia because of the governments anti gay laws, and Elton John has announced he will go there in December for a concert no matter what the government’s opinion is.  I am just shocked that the world has come to this.  On this matter despite my bad feelings about Putin, I would say Russia is right, however as you all know I do NOT believe in violence against the LGBT community or threats.  But if countries want to keep laws against this insanity it’s their choice and people should respect it and obey the rules.
    So horrible about the Washington Navy Yard shootings Monday. Once again a young person with mental problems has gone off the deep end, no pun intended.  This time twelve people are dead and injured several others. Like I was reading in a magazine at the doctor’s office today the security around these places is more like insecurity.  I’m terrified to think, with these creatures of Darkness out there waiting to easily take over bodies whose original souls have been destroyed because they’ve done intolerable evil what can be done to stop these unthinkable crimes?  Something must be done!
    I was trying to find some little bit of good news to end with.  Wait!  I was listening to our old friends Kevin & Bean last week when I happened to hear this fantastic, catchy song they are promoting and I just have to pass along here.  Here’s the link to the official HD music video of “What Does The Fox Say?”  I guarantee it’ll cheer up your weekend. You may even find a ring tone of it somewhere.  The grandfather supposedly reading the story of “What Does The Fox Say?” to his grandson is priceless!  It’s hard to get this song out of your head.  Do pass it on!  You have to admit there’s some extremely creative people out there! Thanks KROQ!


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