They’re So Stupid

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

15-11-03 AJ

    Phew!  There’s been a lot going on the last couple of days.  First of all, on a personal note I was shocked to learn by email my web site hosts Go Daddy is discontinuing it’s Web Site Analytics program just after I renewed it for three years!  I contacted them to cancel mine and get a refund though they weren’t discontinuing this item until December 20th.  I was excited to think I would be able to pay some extra money on my credit card bill so I would have it completely paid before February 2,013 when they would start adding interest to my bill.  Anyway I waited and waited for the interest to be deposited. There were to be three refunds.  I called yesterday and found out to my dismay they had refunded two of the payments to my former checking account I’d just closed!  I called the bank and sure enough they were in there somehow.  I got a ride with my caseworker to the bank, got the money, closed the account again, which was reopened because of that deposit to it, and put it in my current account.  I also went to get groceries.
     I’ve also earned it pays to complain when something’s not going right.  I sent an email to the Safelink phone company corporate office because two months in a row they’ve told me my free monthly minutes plan has been changed to one where the existing minutes carry over.  It hasn’t worked. They didn’t have any record of this.  I lost 740 minutes most of which I’d purchased.  I told them I didn’t know what could be done but I wanted to make them aware of this happening. I got a call from one of the ladies with the head office.  She’s trying to get the corporate office to give me my minutes back, most of which I had paid for.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I even changed my plan myself by phone in anticipation of getting even a part of those minutes refunded.  I got my minutes back!  I will receive them December 1st.  I surprise myself sometimes. LOL!
   Now, something exciting elsewhere in the world!  Scientists have developed the “perfect invisibility cloak” as used in Harry Potter!  This was done by David Smith using a theory of “transformation optics.”  This involves redirecting electromagnetic fields around an object, making it invisible.  Hmmm!  I wonder if this is the beginning of the infamous cloaking device from Star Trek fame? Great stuff!  Probably Gerald would’ve commented that it’s too soon for this to be developed, there had to have been some outside influence with this technology helping it along.  Who knows? 
    Some people in more than 30 states including North Dakota and Texas are saying “Enough is enough!” and signing petitions for their states to secede using the We The People program on The White House web site.  A petition has to have 25,000 signatures within 30 days before they get reviewed by The Administration who will issue a response.  The petition for Texas has had 60,000 as of Tuesday morning.  The governor of Texas doesn’t want anything to do with  the petition for his state.  Wow!   I’m very curious how this will turn out.  I hope it won’t end up like in some of Gerald’s stories where we get into another civil war or such. 
    Our old friend Lorn says the election results are the fault of the Republicans who did nothing to stop it from turning out this way.  I say it’s the fault of The Electoral College.  It’s just not fair!  The popular vote doesn’t seem to matter any more.  Sometimes I wonder why we even bother.  I did hear however Obama won with that too just barely, though of course God had to get Romney out.   I firmly believe on voting on the questions, the current issues however, no matter what’s going on with the presidential candidates.
    I see former CIA director David Petraeus is in more trouble than he ever thought he’d get into.  There are now two women who he has been involved with in one way or another.  The author of the book about him wrote threatening emails to the other one because she apparently thought he had broken up with her to go back with that one.  Argh!  They call it adultery I call it stupidity!  I’m sorry to say, I’ve never seen so many stupid, ignorant people as there are in the world now!  It’s no wonder things are the like they are. I pray for some improvement soon, whatever, however it may come to pass.  I would say God help us, but I know He’s doing His best already.
    Actually God help Russia, though He’s having much to do with Europe any more, as Obama is getting ready for a trip there to meet with Putin, who is an old buddy of his from when he visited him in 2,009.  This brought back fond memories of the cartoon I drew of one which was very popular in the Afterlife on April 6 of this year about Obama’s relationship with Putin.  I’m reposting the link in case anyone missed it.  I think it’ll still get a few laughs.

   There has definitely got to be something wrong with a woman who was arrested in Canada on November 6th for drug smuggling, having swallowed and inserted 51 condoms filled with heroin!  Surgeons were able to remove the pellets she had in there, but she would’ve died without medical intervention!  I don’t care how much money may have been involved, like Gerald would’ve said “She doesn’t just have a screw loose she’s missing a whole major assembly!”  I imagine she’ll go to jail now for quite a while.  She’ll probably wish the doctors hadn’t helped.
    FOOTNOTE: My eye doctor appointment was a disappointment.  I didn’t get the laser treatment done. She gave me different steroid drops to try to help dissolve the cortex material behind my new   lense in my right eye.  Then, if this doesn’t work they’ll be zapping me next Wednesday.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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