Why Imagine?

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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27-06-08 AJ


    Well June is almost over so I figured I’d better post at least some little thing to keep the blog going.  Most of the news has been the same old thing I’ve been reporting on for the last few months.  However it is disturbing that I read Russia’s Putin has admitted to ordering his tech people to do all they can to help Donald J. Trump win the presidency in the 2016 election.  Just when the sore loser Democrats had calmed down somewhat with their protests etc. there’s this!  Sigh! It’s been reported Obama had plans to place cyber weapons in Russia’s infrastructure which were the equivalent of bombs to be set off if things with Russia escalated.  President Trump inherited these plans when he took office but it’s highly doubtful they’ll ever be completed and put to use.  Also disturbing that President Trump’s popularity is at the lowest rating ever.  But like Gerald used to say you can’t really go by the polls. Sigh. Now also it’s dropped because of the new health care plan to replace Obamacare.
    Speaking of the new health care plan, as of this date the vote on it has been delayed until after The 4th Of July.  The Republicans are hoping to get more support for it.  The only thing I’d like to know is if it cuts down on Medicare and other important necessary programs for seniors.  If it does forget it!  The senator from Maine says she won’t vote for it whatever it may be. Let’s pray this situation turns out for the better and President Trump keeps his campaign promise that Medicare wouldn’t be changed for anyone no matter what.
    Something else irritating at best, John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono, was recognized by the president of The National Music Publishers Association as the co-writer of John’s classic masterpiece,Imagine”.  This is because there is a BBC clip of him saying it should’ve been this way all along.  John was inspired to write the song by Yoko’s poetry book “Grapefruit.” He said he didn’t give her credit because he was too macho back then and selfish.  I think it was because she didn’t actually write any of the song. There’s a difference between actually writing lyrics and giving someone an idea for them, fine line though it may be.  Anyway, John & others in The Afterlife think this move crossed the line, that they have tampered with history no matter what he said in the past, and it shouldn’t have been done.  The NAMPA folks were trying to get on Yoko’s good side, if there is any, and help her career, but still they had no right.  Anyway, what’s done now is done, and I know I wouldn’t want to be around any of these people who approved of this change, as they have drawn negative karma to themselves.  I know from past experience I wouldn’t want to have John Lennon upset with me. 
    Condolences to the victims and their families concerning the horrible fire in London at the Granfell apartment building.  Praise to pop singer Adele for being there during the fire and comforting those who escaped the flames and the ones who waited for news of friends or family.  She also went to the fire station on a later date to praise the fire fighters for their good work.  She is one classy lady!   
    Hope everyone has an awesome and safe 4th Of July holiday weekend.  It’s hard to believe July 4th will be exactly 5 years since Gerald left us.
    On the home front There’s going to be a barbecue here.  I’m still working on The History illustrations and I’m going to get a hamster! This will be the first ever pet I’ve owned without Gerald or my mom to help take care of it.  It will be a therapy animal, at least by me if not officially by housing to which I’ve applied for such status. More on this next month!     I leave you with what I consider the Ultimate 4th Of July song from The Afterlife, “Here’s To The Warriors.”  Enjoy and be sure to pass it on. 


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