Arnold For President!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

23-10-04 AJ

    Back at last with my comments on the latest national news.  First of all exciting stuff has been happening here!  Saturday afternoon I read a news story on The Huffington Post web site which said that one of God’s favorite sons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would love to run for president in the 2016 election if he could get the law changed that says only a person born in America can be president.  The article also stated that he’s working on getting the law changed! The most powerful spiritual energy immediately hit me and my friends in The Afterlife told me I needed to channel new lyrics to the old song I got that was written by Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, George Harrison & Johann Sebastian Bach in The Afterlife for Arnold was running for Governor Of California called “Come On California!”  I sang this song on phone interviews with radio stations all over the country back then.  Anyway, I picked up the new lyrics in a few seconds which really surprised me.  That night I made the music video of it.  The link is below and also the lyrics.  Hope you like it and will pass it on.

Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.


Come on America! You’ve really got the right one to run!
Come on America! You know that Arnold’s the one!
He’s the one who’s better than the rest! Come on America!
You know that Arnold’s the best!

1.  When the country’s in trouble There’s only one to lend a hand.
Come on America! You know that Arnold’s the man!

2.  Come on, America! You know that Arnold’s the man!
He can set things right, and he’s famous all across the land!

3.  He came across the ocean Because we needed someone.
We needed a hero, So Heaven sent us one!

4.  Come on America! Don’t you know the world is in a fix?
Almost everyone loves Arnold, And, he can stop the dirty tricks!

5.  Come on America! You know the thing you must do!
Get the law changed for Arnold! History is counting on you!

(Repeat Chorus To End.)

     Now, on to other things. So sorry to hear about yet another school shooting, yet another incident where the gunman kills himself.  Prayers to victims and their families. Good riddance to the waste of oxygen.  I have a theory about these incidents.  I’m wondering if these murderers are the real zombies, those whose souls have been removed from their bodies by God’s Forces for doing evil and perhaps are even on drugs who are tired of their existences and believe this action is the best way out for them.  No doubt many of them must be easily influenced by demons and I’m sure some must be possessed by them.  Whatever actually causes these murders, I pray somehow a stop is put to this insanity.  As I’ve said before we must protect our children!
     How the mighty have fallen!  A female pastor of The Zion Progress Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan has resigned after revealing she has married a woman.  This took place in another state where gay marriage is legal.  She resigned days after a federal judge heard arguments that challenged Michigan’s ban on gay marriage.  There’ll be a trial about it starting in February. She told the local newspaper she left the church because she didn’t want to “cause a divide within the church.”  She claims that “same sex marriage is aligned with Christianity.”  Nope!  She also says she’s going to lead a congregation soon, that “God has called her to pastor.” Wow, has this lady got things wrong!  I pray she realizes her mistakes soon.
      I love a good mystery, however not so much when it involves displaced children.  Such is the case of the little blond girl found with a Gypsy family in one of their camps in Greece who of course DNA tests prove is not related to the couple who were taking care of her.  Now these people are in jail for document fraud as they had several birth certificates issued after January 1, 2,008 supposedly for illegally acquiring benefits after the girl was known to be living in the camp. The girl called Maria is being taken care of by an agency and they’re trying to find her real family.  I hope things work out well for Maria.  I pray they solve the mystery soon.
     Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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