Thanks Speaker Boehner!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

18-10-04 AJ

    It’s been difficult to find enough news to write about lately.  But now I’m back again with the latest update.  On the home front lost another one!  Another one removed from my mailing list and as God says also from The Book Of Life, along with those who work with the one who sent it.  Apparently Yahoo mail was the fault of the seven I got back saying I was spam.  I only got this from someone else altogether.

“Please remove this email address from your distribution list. Thank you.”

   I Googled this and discovered they’re a TV station. 

    KCRG-TV9 P.O. Box 816, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

    Anyway that’s it. Try to tell people things and they refuse to listen. I will repeat what my late husband Gerald said frequently and swear by it too. My second mantra is “I’m tired of trying, but I’ll never give up!”
    Our friends at Mass Resistance have sent me a link to a very important video at You Tube about what gay marriage has done to Massachusetts.  Many say “gay is ok,” but they don’t understand the half of what goes on with this.  The video is very important, tells it like it is.   It also shows what Obama wants the world to be like. I will NEVER support gay marriage.  Our children are being corrupted.  Something needs to be done to protect them.  Here’s the link.  Feel free to pass it on.

    After I posted the link to this on Facebook one of my friends there asked “What’s his point in the video?” They also said that my blog is full of hate.  To the contrary.  I don’t hate anyone!  I’m a Speaker Of The Lords.  I speak for Those who can’t because they’re in The Afterlife relaying their messages.  I am The Voice Of God because I work with Him.  I am a true Messenger Of God, telling how He feels about things in the world today.  I remember what He taught through my husband Gerald.  I have worked with Him for years trying to help him save the world, more precisely for lifetimes.  How is this hate, trying to help people by teaching them when something will harm their souls?  I don’t understand.  You hear what you want to hear rather it’s true or not you follow it.  I am afraid for the future of this world.
    Thank goodness the government shutdown is over!  Unfortunately The Republicans including the Tea Party Republicans finally managed to get The Democrats to agree to something which will last until January. Then we have to go through it all again. As a man involved was saying something needs to be done to extend the time period in between this happening. Many people where I live were getting scared their social security checks wouldn’t come.  However many thanks to Speaker Boehner for keeping up the good fight as long as he could.  Maybe we’ll be lucky and there’ll be too many “holes” in Obamacare and the government will just give up on it and get rid of it. I doubt if there’s a way that could ever happen but we can always dream!
    Still not exactly sure what’s up with Hillary Clinton. Tuesday she, along with Joe Biden, attended a National Association Of Convenience Stores, an “off the record” meeting where no social media, recording or photography was allowed. During this she was asked a question about the 2,011 Bin Laden Raid.  She took 25 minutes to answer this during which she took a subtle jab at Joe Biden who had opposed said raid.  Hmmmm!  I don’t really understand why these two were at this meeting to begin with.  Oh well, as they say that happened.
    The other night someone saw fireballs in the sky over Washington DC.  There were 60 sightings that were even reported in Connecticut! Hopefully this didn’t have anything to do with our extra terrestrial friends, The Galactic Community who are protecting the Earth from the hostile forces out there in space.  Also hopefully there’s no large astronomical surprise out there on a collision course with Earth for anytime soon.
    More demonistic activity on the entertainment front!  Miley Cyrus is going to appear in a new music video with the rapper named Future. She will be playing an alien who is naked and covered in silver glitter.  The name of the song is “Real and True.”  To each their own!   However I will check it out when it’s released on Friday, just because I have to know what it’s like. 
    Two murderers were released from prison in Florida (Yep! There again!) after the prison  received forged documents ordering their release! Apparently this wasn’t the first time it’s happened!  Authorities are still searching for the men and trying to figure exactly how this happened.  They just reminded me I never want to go back to Florida!  DUH!
    WAIT!  There IS some good news happening in Florida!  A 15 year old boy of color went to the St Mark Missionary Baptist church in I believe, Tampa, and told church goers he is an orphan and wanted to be adopted by anybody so he could have a real family!  He doesn’t care what color the people are as long as they want to be his family.  The church is helping him with this effort.  Prayers to him that God helps him find someone to take him in!  It’s said in San Francisco a while back a high school student made a video asking for a family and it worked. He was adopted.  Something tells me great things are ahead for Davion Navar Henry Only, and that there is still some hope for Florida yet!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

P.O. Box 392
Ellsworth, ME 04605

(207) 812-1621

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