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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

25-10-04 AJ

    Here I am with more about what’s in the news.  People are so sick nowadays as my late husband Gerald said several times shortly before he died.  A billionaire Democrat financier named George Soros, who is 83, has pledged $25,000 to the Ready For Hillary, the largest and best funded independent action committee who of course support a possible Hillary Clinton candidacy.   She hasn’t even said she’s going to run yet and there’s all this! Give me a break!   Come on people!  Let’s make it legal for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be her Republican opponent! For any who missed it, here’s my music video in support of him and promoting this cause.

    I see the Obamacare website contractors are saying the government failed to properly test the system.  It crashed as soon as everyone tried to use it. Now they’ll need to upgrade it.  They say they’d like to have months to do this but it’s not possible. As usual looks like they plan to take too many short cuts with repairs and this will be a waste of the government’s time and money.  Good!  No offense to the people trying to use it.  They’re trying to do the right thing by the law and the government is messing everything up!  Ha!  Maybe if they’d hosted their site on Go this wouldn’t have happened.  For some reason I’m thinking God’s Forces are working hard to keep this messed up.  They’re real good at messing up the internet!  Keep up the good work, everybody!  Let’s show Obama and The Democrats just what a foolish idea this was to force everyone to pay for health insurance.  As I’ve probably mentioned, some people can’t even afford groceries! How are they supposed to do this? Like our old friend Elgard would say they need to “Wake up and smell the java script!”
    So glad to see police are reopening the Madeline McCann case in Portugal as they have gotten new leads on this little British girl who has been missing since 2,007 when she was six years old.  I get the feeling the way they’re going about things now is they suspect she is still alive. I pray they’re right. Well I hope they find her whatever the case may be, so the family can have closure.
    As with the case of the missing little girl here in Waterville, Maine, Ayla Reynolds the toddler who police have been searching for since December, 2,011 when she disappeared from her home.  They have assumed she is dead, but with the release of some information by her mother the police gave her which has been classified, the search has been resumed.  The other day they investigated a wooded area in Oakland.  I hope they soon know the truth. 
    Speaking of the internet and computers, I ws surprised to read Steve Worzniak who used to work with the legendary Steve Jobs and helped him start the company, but left Apple back in 1987, now says there’s not enough gigabytes of memory on the IPad Air system. He doesn’t have broadband internet at home and likes to save his media on his hard drive.  I had to laugh reading he apparently likes to watch “The Big Bang Theory,” because he said he can’t put every episode on there.  He bought the new Mac Book Pro which has more of what he needs in it.  He honestly admits he doesn’t like all the new Apple products.  Thank you for being honest Mr. Worzniak!  I hope your Mac lasts a long, long time.  I wish I could afford one.
    In entertainment news, on a personal note, I decided to sign up with Netflix again.  Hey I love Amazon Prime for the shopping but there’s nothing that beats good old Netflix for DVDs and streaming media!  I’m finally getting to see all those new movies that won several  awards a while back.  Hey, it’s going to be a long, cold winter!  I finally saw the last in the “Twilight” series, and enjoyed it, also “Iron Man 3” which was awesome!  Waiting for “Zero Dark 30” which should arrive tomorrow.  I highly recommend Netflix for people like me who don’t have much money for theaters, no transportation, and don’t want to miss a lot of the movie with bathroom breaks. Ya gotta love the old pause button!  Also wanted to mention I’m watching the “Storm Chasers” tv series on Amazon Prime Instant Videos, and love it!  I have always been fascinated by the weather and wanted to be a meteorologist when I was a kid.  I praise those doing this type of work to help save people’s lives!  And to those in The Afterlife who died doing this job, thank you! You did good.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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