Our Most Sacred Day

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

31-10-04 AJ

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Yes it’s Our Most Sacred Day again, when Spiritists believe Their Ancestors landed on Earth from The Old Worlds ages ago.  Basically it’s our Thanksgiving.  My big plan is to cook my first pot roast in my little crock pot then watch my internet show later in the evening.  I wasn’t going to have a message today but I have every year as far as I can remember doing The Work.  So I couldn’t break tradition!  My surprise for our friends in The Afterlife is I have finally editing “The History Of Spiritism: From Hades To Earth’s Book Five: The Book Of The Hawk” so next week I hope to have it copyrighted and on our web site.  Here’s the link to the other parts of The Book I have up so far.


    I am also working on the next back issue of Voices From Spirit Magazine.  It’s going quite well now I’ve found the secret of saving the PDF pages in rich text format then making html pages from the text after editing.  I will keep you advised on my progress.  Here’s the list of back issues I already have on my web site. 


     Now, what’s in the news out there?  I’m thrilled to see Obama’s approval rating has hit an all time low.  Apparently people are just fed up with everything going on with the Obamacare web site and the NSA stuff. I say good!  Even the Starbucks CEO is saying Obamacare is gone “off the rails.”   I saw a report on the evening national news which said the people in charge of the Obamacare web site knew it would crash before they made it public yet they did nothing to fix it. GRRRR! The political Democratic stupidity is endless!  I can’t wait until the next presidential election!  I don’t think it can get much worse unless Hillary does run.
    A grandfather who is a member of The Freedom From Religion Foundation has put up a billboard stating “Enjoy Life Now.  There Is No Afterlife.”  Have we got a surprise for him!  However of course The Afterlife fully understands some people believe this way and have no problems with it whatsoever. 
    The NSA is in more hot water for spying where they shouldn’t have been. However they are denying that they spied on The Vatican.  If they had maybe they’d have exposed more about the pedophile activity going on with the priests.  I suppose they didn’t want to get in trouble for international interference or whatever they call it.
    Meanwhile Joe Biden has visited with the Domestic Violence Hotline he helped create.  Well creating the hotline is at least one good thing he’s done.
    Bless you residents of Port Clinton, Ohio, who have celebrated Christmas in October in honor of Devin Kohlman, a 13 year old boy who is dying of cancer!  No one knows if he’ll still be around for the  holidays so he wished to celebrate early with friends and family.  When he got out of the hospital and returned home the whole town had decorated a neighborhood park, firemen attended, just everybody. They released balloons and everything!  It was an awesome homecoming!  It let the parents know they weren’t alone. Thank you for making this young man very happy!
    I was thrilled to read authorities located the real mother of little girl in Greece.  Police learned the Roma couple who had her told the truth.  Her mother gave her to them because she had two other children and couldn’t afford to feed her.  The couple are now out of jail and have her back.  They’re going through official adoption procedures.
    In entertainment news, so sorry to hear The Jonas Brothers have officially broken up their singing group because one has a serious drug problem.  I’m not that familiar with their songs but I have a few friends who love them.  Also Miley Cyrus (Just typing her name makes me cringe with disgust!) posted a picture of herself on the internet wearing a long brown wig.  She explained she was looking for something to wear for Halloween.  Unfortunately she won’t be growing her own  hair back out any time soon.  She claims her short hair has given her more confidence. Whatever!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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