Happy Birthday “Vote For Trump!”

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

08-10-07 AJ


    I couldn’t let a year go by without praising my old and dear friend in The Afterlife, John Lennon, for his birthday is October 9th.  The world doesn’t know how much better it has been made because of him even after his death in 1980.  He still of course, wants a better future for his children and everyone, and is always fighting, protecting the world from the demons as much as he can.  He is still Apostle Of Religious Assignments and God The Father always praises him for his good work on His behalf. 
    Because of this day I have finally released a new music video featuring a song I channeled by John.  It was actually originally channeled as far back as 2,004 or before and has been updated several times to help stop several people running for some office or other, the last version being in support of my husband Gerald’s presidential campaign back in 2,012.  Anyway, here’s the link to the new video.  I hope you like it no matter who you’re planning on voting for.  It’s called “Vote For Trump!”  Be sure to share the link.   When you have a chance I hope you’ll read the description.  It still amazes me this video ever was able to be released.


    Also, just because it’s John’s birthday here’s the link to an old animated music video Gerald & I put together that’s still very important for today’s election.  Spread the word! Thanks.


    Here’s one of John’s favorite animated videos Gerald made featuring one of his new songs that always makes him laugh so much.  Enjoy “The Incredible Singing Heads”!


   Of course I couldn’t let this post go by without some comment on the news.  I am totally disgusted with the Democrats’ latest tactic against Donald Trump!    He has admitted he said the things in the old video leaked about some sexist comments he made about women years ago.  He has apologized for them.  Give the man a break!  Everyone has done something in their past they regret.  Of course the Democrats right now are looking for the slightest thing then can jump all over him on and discourage his supporters.  Think, people think!  This is why this info is out there!  Don’t let them get to you! Stay on God’s side!  Vote Republican!  Even with this crap out there you won’t regret you did!  And for those who have decided not to vote, it’s of course your choice, however not voting is a vote for the candidate you don’t like, as someone said on the news once.
    In the entertainment news, don’t forget storm tracker Kelley Williamson’s show “Storm Wranglers” continues Sunday night on The Weather Channel at 9 pm unless it’s rescheduled because of Hurricane Matthew.

    FOOTNOTE: I was shocked when looking the for the links to the songs above, to find I had to make several corrections on the pages in our Art Gallery.  Several of the pages haven’t been accessible for a while.   Now the repairs have been made.  It was just some additional HTML in them that didn’t belong apparently put there by my HTML builder.  Fixed now!  Hope you’ll check it out at


   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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