Phew! That Was Close!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

16-02-04 AJ

    Back with my latest takes on what’s in the news.  Here it is only a week after winter storm Nemo hit Ellsworth, Maine, and there’s another winter storm warning out!  Hopefully it won’t be half as bad. 
    Holy cow!  What an amazing and shocking thing that meteor explosion in Russia on Friday!  There was even a shooting star flying over San Francisco, California.  Scary stuff! It’s kind of like in the movie “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis!  Fortunately we didn’t need any help this time.  Or did we? Maybe our friends in The Galactic Community deflected the space junk so it wouldn’t do too much damage to Earth?  I wish I could know for sure if this stuff was natural and not something caused by extra-terrestrials. 
    Thank goodness all the passengers from the crippled Carnival cruise ship Triumph are now safe on land.  Of course one of them is suing the company.  It’s to be expected. 
    I scare myself sometimes. Remember the other day when there was the shootout at the cabin in the woods with the cop murderer?  I heard on the t.v. news that there was a single shot heard when the fire started.  Now today they’re saying they have proof that he shot himself in the head, that’s how he died.  I would imagine his spirit’s gone poof!  Bye bye!  Even if he did have a reason to be angry with the police department there’s no excuse for what he did.
    I read Wal Mart’s sales are way down.  Hmmm.  Maybe my Buyers’ Strike is working somewhere, either that or more people are shopping on line elsewhere.
    In Belarus police are “going after gays” because gay rights activists across the country tried to legally register their organization called GayBelarus in January.  Well, they’re right, this shouldn’t be registered, however the police are raiding their clubs, putting them in jail overnight for being in these places, using violence against gays when they’re questioned and some have reported they were interrogated about their sex lives.  Also they took away the passport belonging to the leader of the organization right before he was to visit The United States.  It’s said by the country’s president, himself, that  it’s better to be a dictator than a gay.”  All this is happening even when homosexuality has been formally decriminalized there.  Something needs to be done to stop this extreme bullying.  There’s never any excuse for violence toward homosexuals and lesbians, unless you are personally provoked or physically threatened by one.  I just don’t like the sound of this at all and hope things get under control before worse things happen.
    Here we go again!  Hackers attacked Facebook. Fortunately they say no user information was compromised.
    A Georgia teacher is another candidate for the Darwin award apparently.  During a lesson to first grade students in the Odyssey school in Georgia about the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, they were playing a type of  hide and seek during which he pointed to some of them and said “Bang bang, you’re dead!”  This of course has given several of the students nightmares. He was substituting as a physical education teacher at the time of the incident. He will be given more training.  He was suspended but is now working again.  This is a good thing because he is highly respected at the school.  His boss says it was just a case of poor judgment. Definitely!
    So glad to see Malala Yousufzai, the young Pakistani girl  who was shot by The Taliban on her school bus a while ago is recovering very well.  She even has made a video and plans to continue her battle to get girls safely into school.
     I noticed Portland, Maine made the national news for a Valentine’s Day puppy kissing contest!  The owner whose puppy kissed them the longest got a prize. Very cute, but what next?
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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