Happy Valentine’s Day

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

14-02-04 AJ

    Wishing everybody a very happy Valentine’s Day.  I have been very emotional with this holiday, though it wasn’t one my late husband Gerald and I actually celebrated. Gerald always tried to give me candy or a ceramic figurine for it.  Most of the time he got me some candy after the holiday was over at the sales but it was the thought that counts.  People have asked me if I would ever be interested in another man, maybe get married again.  As of right now the answer is no, I don’t think so.  But you never know what could happen.  In a couple of my past lifetimes with Gerald there was always someone we liked, a good friend who I married after he had died.  I just think in this lifetime that it would be too difficult for someone to accept my work, my mission, and my religion, to let me do what I have to do, fulfill my promise to Gerald.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see like with everything else what happens.  As Gerald used to say ‘Only God knows and He ain’t tellin.’
    On another personal note, went to the doctor’s on Tuesday.  I’m doing great!  Cholesterol is good, dermatitis is a lot better.  I don’t need to go back on the water pills for my legs swelling, or use the skin cream for the skin condition.  I was told the cholesterol pills may be causing the skin problem, but they’re working so well she doesn’t want to take me off them.  The only bad thing is I have gained weight.  I thought I was doing so well now I weigh the most I’ve done since I’ve been seeing this doctor.  I’ll be checking calories and trying to get more exercise from now on.  Let’s see how much I can lose by the middle of next month my next appointment.  By the way I’m now 4’11 1/2″  I haven’t shrunk any more.  I used to be 5′ 2 3/4″ for the longest time.  I’m still taller than one of my favorite actresses Linda Hunt, who is only 4’9″!
    A bunch of crazy stuff going on out there in the world as usual.  Saw the State Of The Union Address Tuesday night. Let’s just say I half paid attention to it.  My comment is as Gerald used to say “you can say anything you want, it’s what you do that really counts.”  I did like the part where Obama invited the families of some of the shooting victims in and said they deserved a vote on the gun control issues.  Though I don’t think it’ll do any good to stop this insanity.  I enjoyed the Republican’s response. And so what, the man needed a drink of water during his speech?  Oh well I’m glad that’s over, and I hope it will actually do some kind of good for the country.
    Horrible that stand off between the former cop who was out on a killing spree attacking officers and their families in California because he was fired.  At this writing it was still a mystery if it was him that died in the cabin fire.  They didn’t get to get the body out for some time because it was too hot.  They’re saying other officers are doing their regular jobs, no one is searching any longer so it seems like they’re certain it was him.  From what the report said he killed himself then the fire started.  His manifesto sounded like he knew he wouldn’t make it when he got in trouble.  Awaiting the official results.  I have a feeling they’re right.  That night after I saw the report about the stand off, I went downstairs to play bingo, and in the middle of the game our old friend George Harrison was hanging around me.  I didn’t understand why then I remembered the news story and just figured he was trying to tell me the guy had been brought to justice.  George didn’t say anything to me but I bet that’s why he was there. Thanks George!
    Donald Trump’s at it again!  He’s saying singer Beyonce’s Superbowl half time show was ridiculous and inappropriate.  His comment was if anyone else had been dancing in a suggestive manner the way she was they’d have been a national scandal.  He also said he realizes he’s about the only one with this opinion and hasn’t heard about any scandalous behavior and it must not be so bad, so “She gets a pass.”  I think this had to do with Mr. Trump being 66 years old.  He needs to lighten up a little and have some fun.
    Well, it’s almost over.  The Pope has celebrated his last official mass.  I didn’t realize until today he has a pacemaker.  Guess he couldn’t take the pressure of God’s continuous requests concerning The Church which he never did fulfill.
    You couldn’t get me to go on a cruise if you paid me!  Yet another Carnival cruise ship is in trouble, passengers stuck on it with no water, no toilet flushing and the whole place stinks, literally.  I hope they can get these people off soon.
    One of our most favorite actors, William Shatner, is mad at the “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” director, J.J. Abrams, because he’s a friend of his who has gone out for sushi with him, and he hasn’t asked him to be on either of his franchises!  He didn’t ask him to be in the other “Star Trek” move, in 2,008 however they could never come to an agreement.  But this doesn’t bother him any more.  I hope they can fit him in somehow.  Yes maybe they can get their flashback scene just right this time for him.   Exciting they’re going to have spin off “Star Wars” films, one about a young Han Solo and another about a young Boba Fett.  I think they should get Shia LaBeouf who played Indiana Jones’ son. Whatever, ought to be great!  Gerald was so disgusted with the “Star Trek” reboot film he said he would never see another one, though he liked the actors, they did a good job, just in some things they went to far.  What they did with some of the main characters was too inexcusable, threw off the whole time line from the original series and stuff.  I don’t know, it’s just too tempting.  I might be checking “Into Darkness,” the next one out in May.
    Looks like Pizza Hut has stolen the idea I’ve had for years. It was just a matter of time someone came up with it anyway.  They’re selling a perfume that doesn’t smell like pizza but smells like cinnamon rolls! That’s Cinnabon rolls to be precise.  I’d love to try that.  Probably with my luck I’d be allergic to it!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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