An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-11-08 AJ


    So sorry I’m late posting this. Things have been crazy here with Thanksgiving and my schedule.  However I wanted to make sure I put out at least one article for November. Just barely, eh?
    Of course the biggest news of the month is that murderer Charles Manson has died.  It’s unfortunately something many people have been waiting for for years including myself.  I have been very frustrated that I haven’t been able to find out exactly what happened to his soul after his death. Did he even make it to the Afterlife or go ‘poof’ after leaving his body, cease to exist forever?  Or did he survive the transition and still exists because he, himself didn’t physically do the murders, just ordered them, as happened to the person known in the spirit world as Nazi, and is working very hard to make up for the things he did?
   As I have stated before, my psychic abilities have been channeled so to speak to channel new music by famous composers from the Afterlife but I do hear and see things briefly every once and a while from over There besides songs also.  As I was typing this a voice sounding like my late husband Gerald’s came out of the blue saying “Poof!” Gone forever.  I don’t believe it was wishful thinking!  So, that’s that then! I say good riddance. Like our good friend Elgard would say he was a ‘useless waste of oxygen.’  May some kind of lesson be learned from it all.
    Just when you thought it was somewhat safe, along comes the sexual harassment accusations.  I’m glad women are speaking out IF this really did happen to them.  My only question is how do authorities prove it? These people are being fired from their jobs just because someone accuses them of something and their bosses are afraid of backlash if they don’t get rid of the suspected employee? I mean what really goes on? How is it determined the women are speaking the truth?  This is like what happened with Bill Cosby but unfortunately on a much grander scale!  It’s not only in the entertainment industry.   I guess I have to read up more on the subject. However God The Father is very pleased something is being done about this one of the worst forms of bullying. Praise goes to those helping the victims.
   North Korea is doing a bunch of scary things with missiles, even planning to hit the US mainland with a nuclear blast, and there’s even worse things planned!  I remember God The Father’s words that the end of the world wouldn’t be for a long long time yet.  And that these threats of wars wouldn’t amount to anything because the United States would have the superior fire power and these countries wanting to be rid of it would not want to commit suicide by attacking us first and then themselves be wiped off the face of the earth so to speak.  Scary stuff nonetheless.
    In entertainment news, I finally got to see the new Wonder Woman movie and liked it, though I was glad I didn’t pay lots of money for the dvd.  Not one of my favorites,  though I as many enjoyed that it encourages many women be strong! 
     On the home front, I had one of the best Thanksgivings ever at home with the neighbors a couple who made stuff for dinner.  Then there was relaxing and working on my craft stuff.  I’m trying to make plastic canvas gifts for Christmas.  Doing better than I thought I ever would on it!  Also I’ve completed another Book illustration. About six more to do before the next two Books are published!  Have been having fun taking care of my little hamster JamesHendry too.  Always busy around here!
     Thanks for reading this.  I’ll try to post sooner in December!  
       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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