Pray For Paris

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

16-11-06 AJ


    This month is really flying by!   I apologize for not having written until now.  I have been sick from Thursday morning with either a bad cold or sinusitis which I get almost every November.  Been sleeping alot and taking over the counter meds.  I figure it’s about time I made some comments with all that’s going on out there in the world.  Most important on the home front is that I’ve completed and published Books 11 & 12 of The History Of Spiritism!  The links are below.  I can’t wait until I get to Book 18 and can say my life’s Work is done!  But of course I’ll keep going.

   Firstly, how horrible is the news about the terrorist gunmen attacking in Paris!  I find it odd that one of the ladies who died was an American exchange student, and some of the other wounded were Americans also.  You can’t help but wonder if they were singled out for some reason.  Anyway, so glad many of the terrorists involved have been arrested.  Justice must be done!  No matter what dislike God The Father holds against France, no one deserves this and I’m sure He agrees. 

    John Lennon praises the band Coldplay who had a big concert planned for Los Angeles and our friends at KROQ sang his song “Imagine” during a brief toned down concert Friday night in California for the people in Paris.  They postponed the full concert til a later date where tickets for the one Friday would be honored.  He also praises the man in Paris who journeyed miles to play Imagine on his piano outside the concert hall where part of the attacks took place to help the people feel better.  He is thrilled his message for peace continues to be so popular and powerful, but hopes the almost impossible there are no more situations like this to play the song at. Justin Bieber, however, had several concerts planned around France Friday. His first one had already taken place before the attacks.  He decided to continue with his next ones on with the livestream to cheer up the people of Paris.  He had a picture of the peace sign drawn on his hand but with the Eiffel Tower as drawing part in the middle.  Very clever and thoughtful! 

    Next is the shocking news out of Utah concerning the Mormon church.  They put out a new rule that children of gay couples couldn’t be baptized until they were teen agers.  This is similar to the Spiritist religion, where children cannot become members. They have to be able to decide for themselves.  200 or more gay couples left the church, some of these people had been members their entire lives.  I say don’t let the door hit you. I’m wondering if this was a plan of The Mormons how to get rid of the gays from their membership, realizing their acceptance of them in their church is against God.  I’m wondering where these people who left will go next, probably The Episcopal Church where they’ll be welcomed with open arms according to their web site. Unfortunately.

    I also read that the LGBT groups are dumping the T, transgender, people from them.  It’ll be just LGB once again.  There are lots of reasons why, I just didn’t get to finish reading them all.  Amazing!  I hate to say it but we told you so years ago they were bad news.  When even the gays fight amongst themselves it’s got to be something really bad going on.

    Read this morning the hacker group Anonymous are going all out towards trying to stop Isis however they can.  I sent the message on Twitter saying God is with them but He warns to be very careful. 

    Good to see Donald Trump is still out there running for president!  I’ll be absolutely shocked if he doesn’t win. Those other guys, as the old saying goes, they just ain’t got it.

    I see now there is a new Speaker Of The House.  I will miss emailing Speaker Boehner but wish him all the best in his retirement!  He’s one of God’s heroes.  I will no longer be emailing the Speakers.

     If I don’t get to write again this month, just want to say happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to all.

   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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