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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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25-07-04 AJ

    Back with the latest news updates.  On the home front my diet is going very well!  I’ve lost seven pounds in two months!  I’ve even gained some muscle.  I’m doing so well actually that I don’t have to go see my nutritionist until September!  She is very pleased with me.
    Now on to what’s out there.  Scary stuff!  I know lots of people don’t like tv reporter Nancy Grace.  Unfortunately a guy who didn’t like her opinions of Jodi Arias had big plans to kill Nancy. He was going to tie her up to a tree and gut her like an animal!  Fortunately the police picked up on this and was able to arrest this weirdo before he could even get near his intended victim!  Thanks guys!  I don’t agree with everything she says either but I would definitely not want anything bad to happen to her.  Anyway this loser must’ve forgotten about freedom of speech.
    Holy cow!  I’ve just started eating Dannon yogurt which is helping with my weight loss, and now I see they’re in big trouble for using carmine, a “color additive made with the crushed bodies of cochineal beetles!” EW! People are complaining and rightfully so that using this additive isn’t fair to vegetarians.  It’s only used in certain flavors of Dannon Fruit On The Bottom, Lite And Fit, and Lite And Fit Greek yogurts.  It’s also in particular flavors of  Activia and Oikos Greek yogurts.  Dannon’s senior director says that anyone who wants to avoid this stuff clearly can by reading the labels.  However I would imagine  most people have never known, like me, what this carmine is made of.  The FDA has a petition out to try to stop Dannon from using the carmine additive.  Here’s the link.  Thanks for the heads up, Huffington Post!  You won’t see me using anything with this offensive stuff in it!  I’m glad I’ve been mostly using the pineapple yogurt so far.  My nutritionist recommended Dannon because it has less calories and a good amount for the money.  I will pass this info on to her also.

    It didn’t take as long as reporters predicted!  The Royal Baby has a name!  He’s George Alexander Louis!  I’m so glad everything worked out so well  and everyone involved is happy and healthy.  I had to laugh though, with the little prince’s first picture the way he was holding his hand up resembled somewhat, the “Star Trek” Vulcan hand salute for “Live Long And Prosper.”  Hmmm.  I wonder if the Prince will be a fan, or was one in his former lifetime?
    I guess it’s not surprising that Obama has chosen Caroline Kennedy to be ambassador to Japan.  God The Father had some big plans for her in 2008.  Here’s one of his letters sent out during my late husband’s presidential campaign about it, and an article from our “Voices From Spirit Magazine,” at the bottom of the page, which is a petition from Caroline’s mother who did not approve of what she was doing in 2008.

    Another major EW that’s now a mystery!  almost 300 people in many states including Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Connecticut and New Jersey, have gotten sick with stomach flu like symptoms possibly linked with a foodborne illness.  At least ten of these people ended up in the hospital.  This type of sickness is tropical and subtropical countries and fresh produce from them.  It’s spread by people eating food or drinking water contaminated with feces. It’s called a Cyclospora infection.  The FDA doesn’t yet know if the cases from all these states have anything in common.  I hope they solve this mystery soon!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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    If you have a Kindle or the free Kindle app be sure to check out “Whacko The Clown,” a science fiction novel by the late Speaker Gerald Polley. Contains the song with the same name.

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