Michael Jackson Says No

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

29-04-04 AJ

     Back after a fairly relaxing weekend with the usual news updates.  First on the home front finally finished proofreading Book 5 of The History Of Spiritism and am now in the process of making it into web site pages.  Small complications but progressing slowly.  Last Friday I graduated from counseling after going there for over a year!  Now, on to the future!  And the national news.
    How amazing is that that a plane’s landing gear, possibly from one of the planes that struck The World Trade Center on 9/11 has been found in a tiny alleyway between two buildings in New York City?  Police have confirmed that it’s from a Boeing 767 and the identification number is clearly visible on it.  People found it last Wednesday.  It’s situated between a mosque and a luxury loft rental building.  The mosque was one that caused controversy a few years ago because it’s only blocks from ground zero and the people there wanted to create a community center in that area for the Islamic people.  It’s apparently still being planned.  The surveyors inspecting the building found this.  They’re still checking records to see if this indeed is from one of those planes.  I agree with the policeman whose son was killed on that fateful  day.  There should be people from the federal government there to thoroughly go over the city in case there’s more evidence or human remains we don’t know about.  They have now called this alleyway a crime scene and Tuesday the medical examiner’s people will be sifting for human remains. It is said 1,000 people whose loved ones worked in the area or were just there, have never been given any.  I pray this works out to their benefit and they can have closure.
    Michael Jackson’s former doctor is coming up for trial for his murder.  I heard that he’s saying that Michael’s death isn’t his fault, he did it to himself.  That’s what Michael’s been trying to get people to understand since the day he died.  It’s not the doctor’s fault, he, himself, did everything he could to get the doctor to give him the drugs he wanted. He basically told Gerald from The Afterlife that it was his own fault he died, no one else’s.  I wish the media would understand, and know that the doctor is innocent. 
    Holy cow!  You can’t even go to church nowadays without disaster happening.  In Albuquerque, NM, a Catholic church was ending it’s mass Sunday when a man in his 20s pulled out a knife, went up to the choir area during the final hymns and just started stabbing people!  Four were hurt, and hospitalized with fortunately non life threatening injuries.  An off duty police officer and others subdued the attacker until police arrived.  No word yet on a motive, his identity or if he’s related to any of the victims.  Here’s another unfortunate incident that shows you don’t need to own a gun to commit a horrible crime.
    Jerusalem is fighting back against the militant group Hamas, who rules the Palestinian territory, with airstrikes on sites used by them.  This is in retaliation for rockets fired on them from The Gaza Strip on Saturday was a Jewish holiday during which many people were outside in parks and forests and they had bonfires.  The rockets exploded in areas that were open and no one was hurt.
    Condolences to the families of the victims of the building in which there was among other businesses, a garment factory fire in Bangladesh.  I’m so glad they arrested the three owners one who tried to leave the country.  He had built the building on soggy ground and the three top floors were added illegally!  There were reports of cracks in the walls last week.  A bank who had an office there refused to let people go back in to work. Good thing. The garment workers were ordered back and look what happened!  There needs to be more control of working conditions in this country. 
     Will Russia do the right thing?  Putin is trying to ban same sex marriage couples from adopting Russian children.  I definitely say he should.  However his ban on Americans adopting Russian children I do not agree with.  There was a heartbreaking story on the news how a middle aged married heterosexual couple were in the last stages of adopting a young child and had spent much time with him, when Putin put the kabosh on things. I say cancel the ban on Americans and definitely ban the gays.  This is for the children.  We must protect the children!
    Lots of stuff going on, not much of it good.  Hopefully things will improve in the world before my next message.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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