A New Song For Trump

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-01-07 AJ


    News has been kind of slow lately except for the huge winter storms across the country and tornadoes.  However I wanted to get this out to everybody from the home front. 
     Everybody in The Afterlife thought that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign needed a little boost after the release of his official campaign song, a parody of the old song “Over There”.  One of my old friends on KROQ in LA suggested I channel an original song for Donald Trump so I told him I’d try.  Directly after I read that message on Twitter, I heard one of my Spirit friends say “It’s already been done!  All you have to do is pick it up and bring it through!”  So I did in less than fifteen minutes!  I believe the song is by the Spirit of John Lennon and some of his other song writing friends.  However what would usually take me an hour to make it into a music video took several days!  I filmed the video but it looked too dark.  Even with this I put it on my desktop pc and promptly learned my Corel Video Studio Pro X6 wasn’t compatible with my new Windows 10!  So I had to pay for an upgrade which was perfect timing on it because I got at a special discount for Windows 10 users.  Then there was another roadblock.  The project I had created on the notebook pc wouldn’t work properly in the new Video Studio.  Then at last on Sunday night I decided to try filming the music video again and lo and behold, lighting in my apartment was perfect!  Filmed me singing the song accompanying myself on my piano keyboard, transferred the video to the desktop pc, and as they say ta da!  The demons fought me every inch of the way on this project but I finally got ‘er done and up on You Tube!  Here’s the link to this video. I hope you’ll enjoy it and pass it around.  I think it was well worth all the effort.


    I have done two radio interviews concerning the song already.  Of course the first was with our old friends Kevin & Bean on KROQ, then the next day I was on a radio station in Boston, WZLX, who had called me once before about the music.  So far the video has had almost 40 views in three days, the most I’ve gotten on anything on You Tube for years.  I tweeted the link to Donald Trump himself but no word back if he saw or liked it.  I also tweeted it to several news outlets with no replies.  Like they say I gotta keep tryin’!  But The Light triumphed and I’m still spreading the word!  Here’s the link to Kevin & Bean’s podcast page.  I should be on there on Monday, The 25th somewhere before David Duchovny’s interview!


    The other personal note is January 29th, 2,016 would’ve been my late husband Speaker Gerald A. Polley’s 69th birthday.  I honor him and all he tried to do to help the world and is still doing from The Afterlife, and I’m trying to keep The Work going, make his life’s Work come to pass by making it my life’s Work, publishing “Light: The Divine History Of Spiritism From Hades To Earth” so all his hard Work won’t be wasted.  Here’s the link to what I’ve got up so far.  There’s six more Books to go. 


    May Speaker Gerald A. Polley be blessed always.  He is definitely missed.  I hope he has a good day over There with John Lennon and all our Spirit friends.  I don’t know if I’ll get to go out to dinner for him but I’ll try.   What I nice surprise I got when before my KROQ interview concerning the song, Kevin & Bean played part of an interview with Gerald on it!  Priceless!
    Now, what’s going on out there in the world?  Looks like God finally got His wish!  He couldn’t shut down Washington DC with a hurricane, though He’s tried for several years.  Now He’s done it with a blizzard!  It was for a short time things were shut down there, but it worked!  Way to go God!  You showed ’em who’s Boss once again.  Though unfortunately it didn’t do much good to knock some sense into people.  Oh, and did you notice? Good ol’ Maine didn’t get any snow from the last named winter storm!  That wasn’t a coincidence!  Like hint, hint people!
   So pleased Donald Trump is still going strong with his campaign! Surprisingly enough Sarah Palin, endorses him, and also Jerry Falwell Jr.? Hopefully Palin’s endorsement won’t hurt him instead of helping him as so far those she supports looses. And she’s not one of God’s favorite people.  As I mentioned on the internet if he is truly a Christian Falwell should be endorsing Trump, as he is God’s candidate.
    Lastly in entertainment news, how awesome was the premier of the new “The X Files” episodes?  I can’t praise this enough!  It was like no time had passed between the last time the show was on and now.  So wonderful to see the actors together again and loving what they’re doing.  Highly recommended!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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