Bless You!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-01-11 AJ


    Hello everybody!  So glad I made it to the new year, however I’m kind of speechless with everything that has gone on since I last posted here! 
     First of all we now have a President who’s a Democrat.  Hopefully there won’t be any problems with him.  So far so good. Like I say I don’t really care what party they’re from as long as they do a good job, though as you know I’m partial to the Republicans!
     Now former president Donald J. Trump is going to attend his impeachment trial, as the only President in American history who’s been impeached twice!  At least he accomplished what God The Father wanted him to win the presidency for; he prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming president. And he did a few good things while in office too.
     I was also surprised he didn’t attend President Biden’s swearing in ceremony.  Oh well. At least there weren’t any problems that I know of.  Even Bill and Hillary were there!
     As for the riot at the capitol building,  I can certainly understand how people could consider what President Trump said to be how they took it, as a chance for violence and upheaval on all levels.  But that was one of the most shocking, disgusting things I’ve ever seen!  I pray it never happens again.  I’m glad the most prominent instigators of that event are being searched for and arrested!
     Now on a personal note something wonderful has happened!  Healthy Acadia gave me a $500 grant and I have gotten an awesome memory foam twin bed with it!  Bless them for all their help.  Now I am getting a good night’s sleep at last!
     For the first time in decades I guess you’d say, I have put a new link to another year of back issues of Voices From Spirit Magazine on our web site, on the page.  I have started issues from 1992!  Check it out at    Hope you can check it out and will like it.  I have like five or six more years to go.  Can’t wait until this long awaited job is finished!
     Last but not least, tomorrow, January 29th would have been my late husband Speaker Gerald A. Polley’s birthday. I hope he has a great day in The Afterlife, and that he is proud of what I have accomplished since his passing.  Bless you for everything!  I guess the newly published back issue is my gift to you.
   Last but not least, I am heartbroken I didn’t receive the $600 stimulus check!  My neighbors all got it.  I got the first one ok. I don’t understand what happened or what to do about it. Hope I’ll get whatever others they send out.  I had planned to pay bills off with these.
     Sorry this is late.  I’m glad I was able to post this before that special date!   Talk to you next month!
        Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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