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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

22-02-04 AJ

    Back again with more on what’s going on out there in the world.  First I need to say that Wednesday I had my second laser surgery on my right eye and it worked!  I can see with it again!  By that night it was all cleared up!  I have to use drops in it for a week and go back for another appointment next month.  The next step is getting my new reading glasses or new lenses for my original glasses.  The doctor is contacting The Lions Club to see if they can help with that so I won’t have to pay so much.  It will be fantastic if they can.  And everything is so much clearer than before the cataract surgery!  Now, on to what’s going on elsewhere.
   The other day I read Hillary Clinton’s next big plan is to do paid speeches at whatever function wants her.  Just like her husband she just won’t keep out of the public’s eyes.  Oh well, so far at least, she’s not going to run for president. Let us pray she doesn’t!
    WOO HOO! Danica Patrick got the pole position for Sunday’s Daytona 500! Some are concerned because her car will be lighter than the rest because she weighs about 110 pounds and the lightest male racer weighs 130.  Officials don’t seem to be that concerned.  I so hope she will win!  In case you don’t know Danica is the sponsored by Go Daddy, who as far as I’m concerned, is the best web site host out there.
    How unfortunate that Laura Bush, one of God’s favorite daughters, is now supporting gay marriage.  We understand she’s just trying to be good to people, however she of all people should realize she shouldn’t be for this.  Anyway, she has asked to be removed from a t.v. ad supporting it because she doesn’t endorse the organization that made the ad or such.  Good.
    In Guatalama authorities are searching a remote area where residents say there has been a gun battle between two rival drug gangs.  They’re saying one of the dead resembles one of the most wanted drug lords.  However as of Thursday police hadn’t found any evidence of a gun battle or seen any bodies whatsoever.  All I can say is keep looking guys.  I pray this story is true for the people’s sake.
    So scary that a new female crusader for human rights in Pakistan, Sherry Rehman, who is the Pakistani ambassador to The United States is being investigated for alleged blasphemous remarks she made on a Pakistani talk show more than two years ago concerning a woman who was recently received the death penalty for allegedly insulting The Prophet Muhammed. If she is convicted she could face the death penalty!  Needless to say some people over there end up being executed by angry lynch mobs who bypass the legal system and kill suspected blasphemers themselves.  At one time she was trying to help get rid of the blasphemy law herself, having drafted a bill which would do this, but was pressured by her own party into stopping it.  I hope justice is done, they’ll drop the charges and she’ll be ok.
    So horrible the deaths of three girls, sisters of ages 11, 9 and 6 in India whose bodies were found in a well.  It was originally thought their deaths accidental, however post mortem reports state the worst, that they were sexually abused and murdered.  An acquaintance of their mother is suspected.  Sometimes you just wonder how the world has gotten so bad.  How can anybody treat God’s precious little treasures like trash?  Condolences to family and friends.  May justice soon be done.
    To end on a positive note, a Center For Disease Control And Prevention report says kids are eating fewer calories than a decade ago!  Their study included children between the ages of 2 and 19.  Unfortunately childhood obesity levels haven’t decreased.  However it’s great to know the American people are really working on getting their kids healthier and keeping them that way!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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