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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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31-08-11 AJ


      Just wanted to put up a quick little post to conclude this month in my blog.  Not too much to comment on the news out there.
     As most people could assume the inevitable happened after American ground troops left Afghanistan.  Of course The Taliban attempted its takeover.  Also, all Americans didn’t get to leave when they were supposed to, so people will be going back for them.  I guess the Afghanis are finally doing fairly well at taking care of their country.  If this is so let’s hope it stays the case.  And let us pray the rest that need to leave get out safely.
     So scary Hurricane Ida and what happened in New Orleans!  Even scarier it made landfall the exact date that was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina years ago.   It was a category 4 storm!  The damage from it was devastating!  And, the rain from it is just now making its way here to Maine!  Scary to wonder what will happen next.  It just seems like the Powers That Be in The Afterlife are angry about something.  Unfortunately my psychic abilities are not developed for finding these things out.  I only channel the music which I am so honored to be able to  do.
     Politically I’m still trying to deal with the fact the Democrats are in office now, in control.  I realize this is a first time for our virus situation, but it seems like they’re just grasping at straws, so to speak on what to do, and giving away a lot of money.  Like I have said many times, I just pray someone is keeping track of the government’s funds on hand.    I’m still a Republican and always will be.
     Why this post is so late, I was trying to scan one of Gerald’s books to put on the site.  It was just a bit longer than I remembered.  However I will be putting it up, it’ll just be next month.
     Not much else for this month.  Just glad I’m still here in this world to be able to post this. 
     Until next month, stay safe  Be well!  And please get vaccinated!

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