Remembering JFK

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

21-11-04 AJ

     There hasn’t been much for me to write about recently but I wanted to add something so everybody would know I’m still here.  It’s hard for me to believe that 50 years ago Friday November 22nd, is the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  I remember it was a Friday that it happened.  I was only 12 years old in 5th Street Junior High School, getting ready to attend folk dance lessons at the Bangor YWCA. I remember standing in the corridor on my way to my last class.  It was like time froze for me. The other students were rushing by me spreading the terrible news that the President was dead.  It was so hard to believe, didn’t know exactly what to think or feel. 
    I didn’t like the idea of anyone being shot and killed like that, however all I knew about Kennedy was that he was a Democrat, whereas my family were Republicans and he was Catholic and I was Protestant.  I wasn’t even really sure what those things meant.  After 2 pm when I got to folk dance class before it began the teacher led a moment of silence.  Then I watched the following historical events on tv with my mom and dad.  Our country has learned many important lessons in 50 years concerning how to improve the security of political figures.  I pray that nothing like this ever happens again. 
    Like my late husband Gerald used to say, no matter how much we dislike Obama we never want him to be assassinated.  The worst thing would be for him to become a martyr.  When his term is done (unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’ll be impeached as he should be) we want him to be almost forgotten, the least popular president in modern day history, hiding in a dark corner somewhere wondering “Why? Why did I do this?” or “Why didn’t I do that?” never getting back into the limelight as Bill Clinton did.
    I have been busy!  For the first time since 2,010 there’s a ‘new’ issue of Voices From Spirit Magazine on my web site!  It’s actually the next back issue I had to publish there.  Here’s the link.  Hope you’ll check it out and pass it on.  It features an interview with the spirit of Margaret Fox, one of the founders of modern Spiritualism.  It’s a good one!

    I will be putting up the rest when I can. It’s just a matter of scanning them and making the pages then proofreading.  You won’t believe how many more there are left to put up!  I roughly estimated six year’s worth of back issues!  It boggles my mind to think how much work Gerald and I have done.  I can’t let it just sit here and go to waste. I have to bring as much of it to the public as I can. Best part of all these have already been copyrighted!
   I was shocked to learn our old nemesis so called psychic Sylvia Browne died Wednesday at age 77 surrounded by family and friends.  Years ago her company sent me a couple of books to review. They were utter and complete crap, a bunch of made up stories to try to please everybody and make millions!  I wouldn’t be surprised if she went poof, ceased to exist forever, never even reaching The Afterlife.  If she did get There she certainly had a lot to answer for as these types of misteachings purposely leading others, including children astray create a major burden on the soul. Now I know why my blog post was delayed until now so I could speak of this.  Actually her falsity was proven during her lifetime when she announced during a so called reading on a t.v. show that Amanda Berry, one of the Ohio kidnapping victims recently rescued, wasn’t alive.  Sadly I have a feeling that material wealth is all she’ll ever know.
    What the hell? This is awesome! The Democrats are actually doing something right!   They’ve come up with a bill to protect women’s abortion rights!  People are saying there’s not much hope for it being passed but I’m praying they’re wrong.
    Well speaking of The Democrats, Secretary Of State Kerry has been doing Obama’s dirty work so to speak.   He’s managed to get the US and Afghanistan to settle on a bilateral agreement which would govern the US forces in that country that will go into effect after the NATO agreement ends next year. However there’s a huge catch to it.  It has to be approved by a gathering of 3,000 prominent Afghans who can revise or reject it. But if they reject it it’s most likely the Afghan government wouldn’t sign it.  He met with the Afghan president who didn’t ask the US to apologize for the civilian casualties.  We’ll just wait and see how good Obama’s new Secretary is.  I don’t have much hope for a decent outcome.
    Still the Obamacare website fiasco continues.  A D.C. insurance commissioner was fired for stating his opinion on the proposed web site fix.  What about free speech?  Also, Obama’s approval rating in the polls continues to plummet.  Like The Afterlife would say they didn’t have to do much, he’s done most of the trouble himself.  You can’t please the people with lies, false promises, the politics as usual agenda.
    Sad to read Nelson Mandela is still in poor health in his home in Johannesburg.  His ex wife Winnie says he isn’t on intensive care, but does have tubes in his mouth to keep his lungs clear, and thusly can’t speak.  He is very sensitive to germs.  Prayers to him and his family.
    So shocking about the midwest tornadoes last weekend! Prayers to the victims, their families and loved ones.  May they be in warm, safe shelters by the time the snow falls.
    In entertainment news, how cute is this?  I will admit, I watch ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” t.v. series.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  It’s a fascinating modern day version of fairy tales, but I don’t like how they’ve changed some of the fairy tale characters making them evil, like Peter Pan for instance.  Also can someone explain to me how Rumplestilskin and The Beast are supposed to be the same guy? I think I missed something there. Anyway two of the stars, Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White, and Josh Dallas, her real life fiancee who plays Prince Charming, are expecting a baby! Congratulations to them!  May they live happily ever after in real life too!
   Lastly I’m proud to read Our Dear John Lennon’s oldest son, Julian is making talk show appearances in The U.S. to promote his new album.  As you already know, his dad is very, very proud of both his sons and wishes them continued success.  Here’s the link to his music video of the song “Someday” which features video clips of his dad among other greats.  Enjoy!

       Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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