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Vol. 18 No. 1
Copyright February, 2,004

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Page 1
One Angry Son!

Page 2
Best Celebration Ever!

Page 3
Wow! At Last!

Page 4
Jesus Cries For The Wounded

Fishing On The Old Worlds

Page 5
Jesus Pleads "Come!"

Commercials On The Old Worlds

Page 6
They Fight For Heaven

Page 7
Way To Go, Paul!

Who Is She?

Page 8
We'll Stand Together With The Lord!

Page 9
A Plea For Their Loved Ones

Alimony On The Old Worlds

Page 10
In God's Presence

Page 11
"We Didn't Understand!"

Page 12
God Curses Macy's, Jesus Blesses Bush

Thanksgiving On The Old Worlds

Memorial Day On The Old Worlds

Page 13
Jesus On The Amendment

Independence Day On The Old Worlds

Page 14
A Plea From Heaven

Page 15
Normal Levels At Last!

Executions On The Old Worlds

Page 16
Imagination's Place
"The Rescuer"
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 17
"Company Tools"
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 18
Our Deepest Regrets To The Anglicans

Page 19
Look Out, Baghdad!

Boy, What A Party!

Page 20
Free China!  Get Well, Ozzy!

Page 21
A Demand For Justice, & Mercy Given

Page 22
Carter Goes To Hell

Page 23
A Special Christmas Gift

Page 24
Muhammed's Wishes On Hussein

Visitation Day On The Old Worlds

A Little Christmas Tree

Page 25
An Old Fashioned Christmas

Monuments On The Old Worlds

Page 26
50% Female

Page 27
Marines Take The Lead

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