John Lennon's New Songs From Heaven
Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic Linda J. Polley

The following lyrics and audio demos are now available on line free.
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1. Hussein's Butt Song

2.  Remember The Springtime

3.  Good-Bye Davis!

4.  40 Years Ago

5.  We Love You Michael!

6.   The Magic!

7.  John Paul

8.  Why Did You Drive Him Out?

9. Don't Vote Sharon! (Stop The Fuerer!)

10.  Katrina

11.  He's A Knight!

12.  Rosa!

13.  To Cynthia

14.  Marines!

15.  Quiet Heroes
Written By Johann Sebastian Bach
At The Request of John Lennon for Jimmy Kimmel & His Staff.

16.  If You Want A Holy Christmas

17.  Canada The Shame

18.  Vote Republican!

19.  Jimmy Rocks The Night!

20.  Jimmy, You're Our Hero!

21.  Morgan; U.S. Marshall

22.  The Red Kangaroo

23.  I Don't Blame The Guns
John's New Tribute To Virginia Tech
Channeled April 18, 2,007.

24. He's Uncle Frank!
For Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank.
The Kingdom Of God's Father's Day Gift, 2,007.

24.  200 'Gainst 3,000

25. Not Our Jimmy You Don't!
A song concerning Jimmy Kimmel's Emergency Surgery
and recovery in June, 2,007

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