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Vol.16 No. 3
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This Is Our 16th Anniversary Issue!

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Page 1
Muhammed's Mystery

Page 2
George Is Talking

Page 3
"I Most Certainly Didn't!"
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 4
Hangin' In There!

Page 5
American Press On God's Side

Page 6
The Dream Keepers

Page 7
Harrison Book Growing

Page 8
Good-Bye Phoenix

Page 9
Imagination's Place
"Can't Win 'Em All!"
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 10
A Question George Didn't Like

Page 11
Olympic Disgust

Page 12
Trouble And More Trouble

Page 13
Muhammed's Ad

Page 14
Let's Tell The Truth

Page 15
Pearl's Spirit Missing

Page 16
The Book Of Muhammed

Page 17
Catholic Troubles No Accident

Page 18
Don't Blame God

Page 19
Wrong American

Right American!

Page 20
We're Watching Billy!

Page 21
Muhammed's Dream

Page 22
Glorious Weekend

Page 23
What Happened To The Koran?

Page 24
Beware The Dark Power!

Page 25
Dead Zone Horror

Page 26

Page 27
Peace In South Africa

Page 28
Dead Zone For The U.S.

Page 29
Los Angeles A Go

Page 30
What About The People?

Page 31
Oh, Los Angeles!

Page 32
The Greatest Haunting In History!

Page 33
Bye Bye, Miltie!

Page 34
It's Beginning!

Page 35
Unhappy Queen

Page 36
I'm Not The King!

Page 37
Rome Becomes Hell

Page 38
An Old Evil Returns

Page 39
Two Zones For Italy

Page 40
Humans Defenseless

Page 41
No Double Standard

Page 42
My Sweet Lords

Page 43
Denver's Next

Page 44
Happy Dreams

Page 45
Loved Ones Attacking

Page 46
Los Angeles Dead Fighting Back

Page 47
Milan Questionable

Page 48
Dark Ones Attack Again!

Page 49
That's The Way That Heaven Ought To Be

Page 50
Too Holy For Karen Hughes?

Page 51
Why You?

Page 52
Little Resistance

Page 53
Book Review
What On Earth Is Going On?
By; Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Page 54
Fuels On The Old Worlds

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